Mini Beer Shot

Arranging a party for your friends or planning a thanksgiving dinner at your place? Serve the mini beer shots with the appetizers! The beer shot is a perfect party drink, and above all, it looks super presentable. Drinking beer shots is a fun and unique way to celebrate!

Mini Beer Shot is a shot consisting of Spanish vanilla, Licor 43, and heavy cream. This beer shot is extremely aromatic; having little notes of orange, vanilla, and cinnamon, with a creamy finish! Pour it in the shot glasses or a beer mug, and this baby bear looks the same as little beer. Mini beer shots are incredibly sweet, creamy in texture, and easy to drink, shots.

FUN FACTS: You must be confused by the name, but Mini Beer Shot doesn’t contain Beer at all! 

Mini Beer Shot The Quickest Recipe


  • Shot glasses( the mini beer Shot glasses)
  • Bar Spoon


  • 2 oz Heavy Cream.
  • 1.5 oz Chilled Licor 43.


  • Pour 2/3 of the chilled Licor 43 in the shot glass.
  • With the help of the bar spoon, float a layer of heavy cream on the tops of the shot glass. It will give a foamy layer to the shot.

Your chilled and delish Mini Beer Shots are ready to be served!

    Mini Beer Shot; Nutritional Facts

    The per serving of Beer Shot consists of the following nutritions:

    • Calories: 155 kcal
    • Protein: 1 g
    • Fat: 1 g
    • Carbohydrates: 17 g

    When and How to Serve Mini Beer Shot?

    Mini Beer Shot is perfect for many occasions. You can serve it anytime you want, but it is best to serve them as:

    • Signature drink
    • Happy hour drink
    • Cocktail drink
    • Thanksgiving dinner drink
    • Boys or girls night drink

    Honestly, these beer shots need nothing to be paired up with, but if you are serving it as a welcome drink; serve them with these side dishes; Nachos, Chicken poppers, Candies, or Roasted nuts.

    Tips to Make Your Mini Beer Shot More Presentable!
    • Always use a chilled Licor.
    • Serve the beer shot in shot glasses or beer mug.
    • You can add an extra layer of heavy cream to get a thicker foamy head for your beer.
    • If you are not a sweet lover, then use less Licor in your beer shot; as they are sweeter than beer.

    Why Do We Call Them Shots?

    Usually, shots are used to define “a small drink, especially in distilled liquor.” So shots are used about alcohol. When you ask a bartender to bring you a shot; they will bring a small glass (usually, 2/3 filled with liquor) that’s why they are called shots. 

    About Licor 43!

    We have learned by now that Licor 43 is the special ingredient in the Mini Beer Shot, and you must be wondering what it is? If you haven’t heard about it or have tasted it before. It is a Spanish Liqueur, and it is named after 43 different natural flavor ingredients; including vanilla, citrus, and various spices.

    Some Healthy Recipe Recommendations!

    If you are a beginner or have never tasted a Liqueur, then Mini Beer Shot is a good choice, to begin with! I hope you give the above-given Beer Shot recipe a try-if you do; let us know in the comments below that how to do you like it!

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