What is Oregano?

Known for making pizza sauce or Italian pasta sauce; Oregano is a herb you will recognize the flavor of as soon as you try it.  Oregano belongs to cuisines like the Mediterranean, Italian, and Mexican. Many Greek recipes also have Oregano in them. You can use it both ways; dried or fresh. Its zesty bite and a bit of peppery edge make it popular amongst savory delicacies. Mostly all cooks would keep this herb in their spice cabinet or grow it in their herb garden. However, if you do not have time to buy Oregano or the season is out to grow, you can use Oregano Substitute like Basil, Thyme, Parsley, Rosemary, etc.

Oregano Substitute

1.     Basil (Dried or Fresh)


Undoubtedly! Basil is the best substitute for Oregano. You can use equal amounts of fresh or dried Basil as you would use fresh or dried Oregano. However, you need to know that this only works in Mediterranean Cuisine.

Basil also has a very particular Italian vibe, same as Oregano. If you are substituting Fresh Oregano, you must attempt the subsequent choice underneath.

2.     Thyme (only fresh)


Thyme not only looks similar but taste similar to Oregon. However, it serves as the best substitute for garnishing only. Moreover, I don’t recommend replacing dried Thyme with dried Oregano as it has a stronger flavor.

3.     Italian Seasoning (Dried, Used in Italian Style Recipes)

This is a secret trick. As we all know, Oregano is the most important herb used in Italian cuisine, so in case you are short of Oregano, you can use Italian Seasoning as a substitute. However, note that this can only be used in Italian-style dishes.

4.     Marjoram (Dried, Used in Mexican Cuisine)

Next, we have Marjoram, which also has a similar taste to Oregano. For Mexican-style Recipes, dried Marjoram is known to be the best Oregano Substitute.

5.     Parsley


If you want to make Tomato-based dishes, you can use Parsley instead of Oregano. Parsley offers a unique taste mainly due to its moderately sold smell and taste.

Parsley gives a unique and delicious taste to any dish. Due to its strong taste and smell, it is advised to use the same amount of Parsley as Oregano in any recipe.

6.     Tarragon


Tarragon can function admirably in recipes in place of Oregano. Due to its bittersweet flavor, it can give the same bitterness Oregano gives to the dish.

7.     Dill


Dill has a very grassy flavor. The bitterness in this spice is similar to that of Oregano to be a perfect Oregano Substitute. However, as Oregano is known for its strong flavor, taste, and smell, Dill can be very similar and more impactful than that. Therefore, use a lesser quantity of Dill to avoid the overwhelming taste.

8.     Sage


Sage is known to be a bittersweet herb with the Citrusy trait. It also has a very strong taste like Oregano, especially when fresh. For best taste, make sure you use the right amount of Sage to substitute Oregano.

9.     Rosemary


If you are short of dried Oregano and prefer fresh, then Rosemary can be the best substitute. Use any quantity of Rosemary as you would use of Oregano.

10.Bay Leaf


Bay leaf is a fragrant leaf commonly used in cooking. You can use this herb in whole, ground, or dried form. This Leaf is usually used in a slow-cooking recipe such as stew, soup, sauces, etc.

However, remember to take out the Leaf before you serve the dish. It has a very flavorful ingredient but is surely not the tastiest. Substitute ¼ tbsp. of Bay Leaf (crushed) for each ¼ tbsp. of Dried Oregano.

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