Often we ask about what to mix with vodka? Due to the neutral flavor of vodka, it is considered perfect for a two-ingredient drink. You can pair up economical vodka with any mixer; some might turn out to be classic cocktails, and others turn out to be delicious, fun, and cheap drinks. However, when talking about simplicity, pleasure, and versatility, Vodka is King.

Mentioned below are a few 2 ingredient Vodka drinks to enjoy when you are looking for something simple and tasty:

Vodka Tonic

Too many options can tend to confuse a person therefore, let us start with the most refreshing drink that is Vodka Tonic. This idea is taken from Gin and Tonic, making the cocktail less about alcohol (booze) and more about those citrusy bubbles. To have the apt amount of sweetness with refreshing flavor, add tonic water to Vodka.

Cranberry Vodka

Cranberry Juice has been a known mixer with vodka for years. It was invented in the 1940s by the name of Cape Codder. If you are not a fan of alcohol tasting too strongly, this is the drink you desire; the perfect amount of tart and refreshing flavor. This is one of the easiest drinks to make; just mix vodka with cranberry juice with a pack of ice.

Vodka and Orange Juice – Screwdriver

Do you have orange Juice? And Vodka? YES! Let us make Screwdriver (Orange juice + Vodka). An ideal drink for lunch or afternoon, Screwdriver is considered one of the easy-to-make classic cocktails. It was invented in the 1940s and since then people have been using orange juice as a mixer with cocktails.

Ginger Ale and Vodka

Whenever we talk about cocktails, they do not need to be fancy with shakers or syrups. All you need is a good mixer; the same is the case in these 2 ingredient drinks: Vodka and Ginger Ale. To have those pretty bubbles in your cocktail, add vodka and a little bit of Ginger Ale; trust me, you would not require to buy any expensive Liqueur. Try the perfect ratio for a delicious and refreshing drink.

Vodka Soda

Do not think too much and go for Vodka Soda also known as the cousin of Vodka Tonic. But more refreshing, bubbly, and tangy. To make the finest hydration combination, add some Lime, Vodka, and Soda Water. This concept of mixing soda water with vodka is called a ‘rickey’.

Coke and Vodka

The most famous and liked combination is coke with vodka. This is probably the easiest cocktail to make on the planet. The apt amount of ratios matters and while it may sound very off-handed, the taste transcends beyond expectations. When we say that it is one of the most legitimate cocktails, despite its simplicity, it stands firm on this promise.

Kahlua and Vodka

From the 50s, this cocktail is a classic one which is a mix of vodka and coffee and definitely steals the show if you are looking for something to go with your dinner. Or perhaps, a drink to help you in the early afternoon for a pull me up to get through a hectic day. And honestly, it tastes very similar to a dessert. While you may have heard of its twin White Russian with a creamier approach, this is actually the real deal.

Vermouth and Vodka

This is probably one of the most iconic cocktails that you will ever come across. With just two ingredients and a taste of the century, it continues to grow in popularity. While some prefer it with gin, if you are one who loves vodka, this will amaze you with its flavor.

Vodka Lemonade

Summery, fresh and flavorful, this vodka with a mix of lemonade takes you on a light and airy journey through the hot season. With just the right amount of booze, it is very easy to drink and a must-have during the summer.

Grapefruit Juice and Vodka

Another citrus addition to vodka and you are all set to make a drink that is light and easy to drink. Again, while it is usually made with gin, vodka is just about the greatest substitute if you have a thing for vodka.

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