An exceptional liqueur from Mexico, with extraordinary, sweet, rich and deep flavors. This is a Mexican edition of Amaretta, but distinctly different and uniquely wonderful. It’s name is “Almendrado”. The basic ingredient of this great liqueur is tequila. And here I have an Almond tequila recipe for you!

Almond tequila

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine Mexican
Servings 1
Calories 185 kcal


  • 300 ml tequila
  • 150 g fried almonds
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract


  • Pour the tequila into a shaker or bottle inwhich you will leave the liqueur to stand after preparation.
  • Pour the tequila into a shaker or bottle in which you will leave the liqueur to stand after preparation.
  • Then add cinnamon stick and vanilla bean or vanilla extract.
  • Close the bottle or shaker tightly and leave in a dark place for about 2 days. After 2 days, make sure you have what you want, if you want an even more intense almond flavor, you can leave the bottle to stand for a while longer.
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Almond tequila introduction

Tequila is a Mexican national brand, and its roots go back as far as 1530. There is a town and valley with the name Tequila. The name tequila came from the words tequilt (job) and tlan (place).

Tequila has it’s predecessor, a drink called pulque. The Aztecs accidentally discovered it. After lightning struck an agave tree, splitting it, and frying it, a sweet alcoholic juice began to flow out of it that the Aztecs began to believe was a gift from the Gods.

We make tequila from blue agave, which, interestingly, belongs to the category of lilies. Agave needs from 8 to 12 years to mature. It’s “heart”, which is called pina, is extracted then. Pina weighs about 50 kg and can produce 12 bottles of tequila.

The average agave can weigh up to 90 kg, up to two meters high. Every year, over 500 million kilograms of agave is being cut. Mexican government is monitoring the production of tequila.

Almond tequila tips

If you want to drink quality tequila, drink only the one that says it is 100% agave. Don’t drink tequila from brands that over-advertise. The best brands don’t spend millions on TV commercials.

The shelf life of a closed bottle of tequila is four years. However, after four years it will not spoil but will start to taste more like whiskey because it will lose the qualities of agave and gain those of bourbon. When you open a bottle of tequila, you have about two months before oxidation that will destroy the agave properties.

Although a small glass of tequila contains as much alcohol as a bottle of beer, if you drink it “on ex” tequila will have a much stronger effect. It is popular to mix tequila and beer, but after a couple of such mixes you will not be able to stand on your feet.

Almond tequila – types of tequila

There are four types of tequila. The one that almost has no shelf life is and is intended to mix with other drinks is called Silver or Blanco. Gold or Joven is a young silver tequila to which the color and flavor of caramel has been added. Reposado is tequila that first lies in wooden barrels, for a minimum of two months, while higher quality brands “mature” for up to nine months. Anejo stays in wooden barrels for at least a year.

The worm – a movie myth

The worm, or as some consider the rattlesnake’s tail, which can be found in tequila bottles, is a movie myth. He lives in agave but can never be found in bottles of tequila. The worm can only be found in Mezcal bottles as proof that the alcohol is so strong that it can keep the worm intact.

And the sparrows on the branch know the process of drinking tequila – lick the salt, drink the tequila and then sip a slice of lemon. The preparation of Almond Tequila was simple, add tequila, chopped roasted almonds, cinnamon stick and vanilla bean or vanilla extract to the shaker, mix everything and leave in a dark place for 2 days. After that time, the pungent taste of tequila will still prevail, but with the addition of fine almonds, cinnamon and vanilla, you will get a unique liqueur.

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