In this article, we will be looking at the two most talked about Tequilas. In addition, we will look into their origin, nature, costing, ingredients, and manufacturing process. So, let’s get Anejo vs Reposado war started.

But wait! Before we move into comparing these two legends, let’s first look into what Tequila is?

What Is Tequila?

Known for its unique taste; Tequila’s taste categorization can be a little bit confusing sometimes. However, It is a known fact that the production of tequila uses100% agave.

Tequila is originally and mostly produced in Mexico. However, the law of Mexico very clearly states that this spirit can only be produced in the state of Jalisco and selected municipalities, states of Guanajuato, Nayarit, Michoacan, and Tamaulipas. Furthermore, we can categorize tequila into five major groups (tastes); Reposado, Joven, Blanco, and Anejo.

These are genuine tequila categories. Since here we need to know the competition between Anejo and Reposado, let’s fall into that.

Anejo vs Reposado; The Ultimate War


The post-production process of Anejo requires it to age for at least one to three years in oak barrels. Anejo is a sipping tequila. It is one sip that reveals a rich flavor of vanilla and floral aromas. This process of long duration gives Anejo a smokey effect which turns out delicious.

In comparison to Bourbon and Cognac(other tequila drinks), Anejo is much more flavorful. Anejo tequila is comparatively a little more costly than regular tequila. But its peppery, hazelnut, and cinnamon flavor with hints of vanilla is worth sipping. For some delightful experience, the following are a few recommendations of Anejo drinks to fill your glasses with;

  • Anejo spicy margarita
  • Old fashioned Anejo cocktail
  • Mexican martini


Why bar experts and the alcohol industry rate this drink above all and call it “ reposado, “ which means “rested.” Reposado, just like Anejo has to go through the storing process for at least two months in oak barrels.

This drink is not too aged but is known for its age. Experts say that Reposado is left for aging in the same oak barrels but for a short period of time so that the essence of wood doesn’t overcome the flavor of Reposado.

People add extra sweet and spice aromatics to get an even better sip. Reposado is quite versatile too, and it has the ability to enhance the flavor of fresh fruits syrups. The target, for years, has been to bring out the originality of the drink. If drinkers enjoy and experiment with its combination with various fresh fruit juices, and make great cocktails and mocktails. Mentioning a few highly rated reposado tequilas;

  • Partido Reposado tequila
  • G4 tequila Reposado
  • Herradura Reposado


Hence we declare that Anejo and Reposado both have a separate following of sippers. Both drinks’ tastes and flavors go through the same process to storage in oak berries; according to their requirements.

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