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Recipe! Eatables when passed through a process to make it "Delightful for the Taste Buds and Healthy for the Soul" is what I call a "Recipe".  I am foody and love to try out and share recipes that are fun, healthy and above all "Delicious." My millions of researches and experiences led me to share such tastefulness with the world. I hope you enjoy the read :)

What Does A Leek Taste Like

What Does A Leek Taste Like?

There have been endless debates on what does a Leek taste like? I, too, wanted to participate in it and give my insights into this green leafy vegetable delight. Before I did my research, I was skeptical about Leeks and always thought of them as Spring Onions. I personally think that it’s high time that …

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Is Tofu Vegan

Is Tofu Vegan?

Tofu emerged as one of the most preferred food items for vegans in the past many decades. However, many consider it as a vegetable but is tofu vegan? This article will try to find out the answer to this very fundamental question about this protein-packed item. Gone are the days when people were more inclined …

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how to cut watermelon

How to Cut Watermelon Slices?

It’s time to beat the scorching summer heat! One of the greatest pleasures of summer is eating cold watermelon straight from the refrigerator. Due to my love for this naturally hydrating, ultra-refreshing fruit, I always prefer cutting it by myself. Why? Because it is inconvenient, plus you can tune this healthy fruit into any shape …

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Old Bay Salmon Recipe

Old Bay Salmon Recipe

Old Bay Salmon is served as a main course. The hero of the recipe is the seasoning, for sure. This Old Bay Salmon Recipe was created in Maryland; hence it is American cuisine. It is a mixture of vintage and authentic spices. Followed by the simplest procedure of oven-roasting. The hint of sugar caramelizes the …

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Paula Deen Creamed Spinach Recipe

Paula Deen Creamed Spinach Recipe

I spent quite some time getting you different recipes for creamed spinach from different chefs. By now, you must have understood that I take creamed spinach very seriously. So, keeping up the tradition, this time around I will be sharing with you the amazing; Paula Deen Creamed Spinach Recipe. This recipe is sure to satisfy …

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Outback Salmon Recipe

Outback Salmon Recipe

There’s nothing more delicious than a freshly cooked Salmon. Therefore, today I bought for you this delicious homemade process of making Outback Salmon Recipe from the ah-mazing Outback Steakhouse. Outback Steakhouse is famous for its stakes but this Outback Salmon Recipe swoops me from my feet, whenever I try it. Yes! It’s that good. This …

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Paula Deen Spinach Bacon Quiche

Paula Deen Spinach Bacon Quiche

Saturday mornings aren’t the same without the smell of bacon floating through the air. Today’s recipe is ideal since it combines two-morning staples, bacon, and eggs, in one dish. Quiche can be a challenging dish to make, but this homemade process of Paula Deen Spinach Bacon Quiche Recipe is sure to provide you with flawless results. I love the spinach quiche filling. It’s rich, …

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Outback Grilled Salmon Recipe

Outback Grilled Salmon Recipe

If you are looking for something extravagantly filling and delicious, you have certainly come to the right place. Outback Steakhouse is famous for its grilled steaks. However, if I have to call something on their menu a show-stopper; it has to be Outback Grilled Salmon Recipe.   What makes the Outback Grilled Salmon so great? …

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