Aamoon Sahotrah

Recipe! Eatables when passed through a process to make it "Delightful for the Taste Buds and Healthy for the Soul" is what I call a "Recipe".  I am foody and love to try out and share recipes that are fun, healthy and above all "Delicious." My millions of researches and experiences led me to share such tastefulness with the world. I hope you enjoy the read :)

Cherry Liqueur Cocktails

Cherry Liqueur or Cherry Brandy is a sweet liquid and as the name suggests, it is extracted from cherries. Undoubtedly! It has a strong and dominating flavor. Therefore most people use it as a secondary flavor to boost primary liquor like rum, whiskey, or gin. Maraschino Liqueur is said to be the most popular cherry …

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How To Cut Green Onions?

Today in this article we will look into how to cut green onions. They are also referred to as scallions, are much like the traditional onion in taste, but they differ in certain characteristics. Such as; They are sweeter Crisp in texture Have a very mild flavour Green Onions are closely related to mini vegetables …

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Peach Alcohol

Whether you like them firm or prefer the slightly tender ones, peaches make everything sweeter. And if you’re a dedicated fan of this sweet and flavorful fruit, you’ll be happy to know that there are more ways to enjoy this delicious fruit than a simple peach pie or cobbler! Say hello to peach alcohol! That’s right! Among …

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Crown Royal Whiskey and Cola Can

The grandeur of Crown Royal whiskey and the peppiness of cola will enlighten you. So indulge in this ready-to-have cocktail can, but don’t forget to drink responsibly. Origin This is about the King and the Queen, and I’m not fantasizing I really mean the Royal Couple. The journey of Crown Royal began in the year …

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