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Is Brown Rice Vegan?

Rice is a staple food and fits into all diet types. However, high consumption of white rice may be unsafe. To clarify, white rice has a high glycemic index and may cause a spike in blood sugar. It is for this reason, that diabetics are advised to take brown rice which has a lower glycemic …

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Brown Rice Vinegar

There is no doubt that brown rice vinegar are healthy, nutritious, and add flavor to foods. Firstly, they contain amino acids that are helpful for your general wellbeing. Also, they are made from unpolished brown rice, and this makes them very rich in nutrients.  Benefits of brown rice vinegar Contains amino acids They contain a lot …

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Indian Brown Rice [Recipe]

Indian brown rice is a popular staple food in India due to its high nutritional value and savory flavor. If you have the privilege to grab its bite once, I  bet you will make it your favorite!  I made this recipe for my picky niece and and totally loved it. Curious about how I achieved …

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Brown rice vs Oatmeal

Brown rice vs Oatmeal

Brown rice vs oatmeal? That’s a subject that comes with a lot of arguments, but before we go into all that, let’s play a quick game: Take a quick guess: Do I have brown rice or oatmeal in my kitchen right now? You have 5 seconds to make your choice. Did you pick any of …

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Brown rice Quinoa Pasta

Brown rice Quinoa Pasta

What’s the point of eating certain unhealthy foods when it only leaves you feeling guilty? Moreso, within a few hours, you are back to the kitchen; hungry, grumbling, and hitting innocent pots that did no wrong. You can bid goodbye to these scenarios with a brown rice quinoa pasta recipe that keeps you feeling full and …

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Brown Rice Krispies [Recipe]

I made these brown rice krispies for the first time when my family planned a summer road trip. At first, we wanted to go on a picnic, but we had gone on so many picnics, so we decided to try something new.  Since we were trying something new, why not travel with a meal we …

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Brown Rice Ramen (Recipe)

My weekends went from frustrated to fulfilled when Hubby came home some months ago with brown rice ramen.  Jeez! Where have these treasures been hiding all along? I thought to myself. I have tried different types of ramen but never tried brown rice. Since it was the first time I would be cooking it, I …

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