Mary Rose

Brown Rice Syrup

One syrup you would hardly find in my kitchen is brown rice syrup, although many adore it because of its nutty flavor and mild sweetness, it takes the back seat on my list of healthy syrups.  What is brown rice syrup? Brown rice syrup is a sweetener derived from brown rice. It is made by …

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Gluten-free Barbecue Sauce

Nothing beats the rich, deep, flavor of a good barbecue! Barbecuing is different from grilling because the cuts of meat, pork, or steak that you use are slow-cooked over indirect heat.  By cooking the meat slowly, over a gas flame, charcoal or gas, the meat becomes meltingly tender and infused with the rich, smoky flavor of …

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Brown Rice Crackers [Recipe]

I love the toasty flavor and crisp texture of whole seeds, so I use them often while cooking. Each time I use them in making any recipe, I get mind-blowing results! This delectable seeded brown rice crackers recipe is a creative combination of brown rice, whole seeds, oats, and veggies. There is an interesting story …

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Instant Pot Pho (Gluten-free)

Instant pot pho is one of my favorite recipes! Wanna know why? That’s because one of the key ingredients used in making this recipe is beef broth; the soul of this recipe! What more? It’s loaded with mouth-watering proteins, minerals, and vegetables. This instant pot pho is light, packed with flavor, and makes for the perfect …

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