Aioli, without a doubt, is the most loved dip/sauce consumed all over the world. Add a little Basil to it, and you will have yourself a whole new level of excellent tasting Aioli. You don’t need to always rush to a restaurant when you are craving aioli. With simple steps, you can easily make it at home.

It takes less time to prepare and is equally creamy, delicious, and flavor-packed as you would find in a restaurant. The best part about this Aioli is that it is partially vegan. So all of those who consume a vegan diet can easily enjoy this sauce with their food.

Another reason to obsess over this recipe is that it uses very few easily available ingredients. Please follow the below given step-wise procedure to ensure that you end up with a perfect sauce.

Let’s look into the ingredient list for this recipe:

Homemade Basil Aioli Recipe

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine American


  • ¼ cup Oil.
  • 1 Egg Yolk.
  • Salt. To taste
  • 2 tsp Lemon juice. Fresh
  • ½ tsp Dijon Mustard.
  • 1 Garlic Clove. Minced
  • 2 tbsp Basil Leaves. Finely chopped


Recipe Now that you have lined up all your ingredients let's get down to making this recipe. So, there are two ways you can make Aioli, either using a blender or by hand. The steps that you need to follow to make the delicious Basil Aioli are:

    Basil Aioli in Blender

    • Take out your blender and add in your Egg, Garlic, Lemon juice, Basil, and salt.
    • Blend all these until combined, and thick paste forms.
    • Once done, add in your oil little by little until combined. The process is the emulsification of oil into the sauce to give it the required texture.
    • Voila! Your Basil Aioli is ready to serve.

    Basil Aioli by Hand

      It's totally fine if you do not have a blender at home. You can always make it in a bowl manually, and it turns out to be equally delicious. Follow the steps below to make Basil Aioli manually:

      • Take your minced Garlic and mash it to become lightly paste-like with your knife, and add it to a bowl.
      • Add your salt to the Garlic paste.
      • In another bowl, mix Egg yolk, Lemon Juice, and mustard.
      • Once mixed, start adding in Oil little by little and keep on mixing to emulsify the sauce.
      • When the oil is combined properly, you may now add in your mashed Garlic and season with Salt and Pepper.
      • If your sauce is very much on the thicker side, you may add in a few drops of water to get to your likable consistency.
      • You have yourself some delicious Aioli to enjoy with your meal.
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      Recommended Ingredients

      Tips and Tricks

      Some simple tips and tricks are mentioned below that you can follow to make sure you always get the recipe right:

      1. We recommend using a blender to make this sauce if you have one. This ensures a smoother sauce. however, making it manually is also not a problem
      2. Before you serve the sauce we recommend you refrigerate it for some time so that all the flavors come bursting to you with every bite
      3. The Basil Aioli may be on a bland side so you can add in salt and pepper according to your taste

      Pair Basil Aioli With These Foods

      Below are some delicious food options that you can eat your Basil Aioli with:

      1. You can use Basil Aioli dip as a dressing for many salads. The dip adds a zing to your salads and make them more flavorful
      2. It makes a perfect spreading sauce for Sandwiches and Burgers
      3. Basil Aioli also goes best with Boiled Eggs
      4. You can eat it as a side dip along with Potato wedges and fries
      5. You can serve it with Chicken or Beef steaks if you’re feeling a bit fancy

      Health Benefits of Basil

      Basil Aioli is made with all the delicious and healthy ingredients in the perfect quantities. However, Basil is the star ingredient of this dip. Following are some health benefits involved with the consumption of Basil:

      1. Excellent source of Vitamin K and Manganese
      2. Rich in Omega-3 Fatty acids
      3. Helps to treat wounds, skin cuts, and skin infections/allergies
      4. Helps in the management of blood sugar levels
      5. Promotes a healthy Gut and improves digestion

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      Do try out this dip recipe and let us know how you liked it.