The Orange Liqueur

You must be wondering why this heading? While we are discussing the Blue Curacao Syrup. To your surprise, the Curacao syrup is originally an orange liqueur with a modified color. This beverage consists of laraha, which are bitter oranges, earlier produced in Spain. Now, these oranges grow in Curacao, which is an island in the Caribbean Sea.

In the past, this citrus tree was ignored as its fruit was too bitter and too fibrous to eat. Until some genius thought of experimenting with its aromatic peels for imbibing. The origination of blue color drinks comes from the interest in depicting the blue water of the island. One feels like diving in the refreshing mixture and coming out ready to rock ‘n’ roll.

The Gimmick

This tricky drink is prepared by drying the peels of the laraha orange and soaking them in alcohol. A blend of spices is added and then the mixture bag is hung in a copper still for about three days in the distillery. Some more water is added and it is left to rest for another three days.

Now don’t be sad to know that the result is a completely colorless liquid. The electric blue color is achieved by adding food color, dodgy ain’t it!?

Authenticity Check

This article will help you to spot the difference between real and fake Curacao bottles. The tip lies in the shape and texture of the bottle. They have been designed in the shape of orange from the bottom with an elongated narrow neck. The sides of the circular part are textured to portray the texture of dried peels.

So save yourself from imposters and opt for the original syrup. The distillery named Landhuis Chobolobo on the island of Curacao is home to the genuine Blue Curacao Syrup. If you’re ever in that area you can drop by for a tour and see the production stages. You can indulge in endless tasting and enjoy your favorite mocktails mixed with the syrup produced in 1896.

The Alcohol Content

This bitter and sweet orange syrup has 15%-40% alcohol by volume. It would cost you around $10 for a 1-liter bottle depending on the brand.

Island Cocktails

Miyagi Do

Don’t get carried away by the thought of Miyagi-Do Karate. Let’s stick to preparing a potent concoction. Grab a high glass stacked with ice and start pouring in about 2 oz. of apple juice and ½ oz. of each coconut syrup and the Blue Curacao Syrup. Top it up with non-fat plain yogurt. The beauty is ready to be enjoyed with a garnish of pineapple leaves.

If you are in a more aggressive mood go for a version that’s high in liqueur so take out your collection from the kitchen bar and get mixing. You will need 1 oz. of each rum, light vodka, gin, and Blue Curacao Syrup. To dilute it add 3 oz. of pomegranate juice. Take your tin shaker with ice and shake well, now pour it out in your cocktail glass, and get ready for action.

I bet you’ll be ready for a black belt competition by the time you slurp these bad boys.

Blue Hawaiian Island Mocktail

Get ready to invite the storm as you grab your hurricane glass. Add in some Hawaiian Island Syrup, about ½ oz. of Blue Curacao Syrup, drizzle 4 oz. of club soda and finish it off by adding 1 oz. of pineapple juice. This mocktail is incomplete without those larger than life ice-cubes and the perfect garnishing of an orange slice and pineapple frond.

North Pole Cosmo

Now let’s connect to the Universe but for some time forget about the existential purpose. So take it easy and grab your Martini glass and chill it with ice. Now add your favorite liqueurs 1 ½ oz. vodka, ½ oz. blueberry syrup, ½ an oz. of fresh lime, around 1oz. of white cranberry juice. But don’t forget the show stopper the Blue Curacao Syrup, about ½ oz will do.

Shake well, strain, and serve on the rocks with some blueberry to garnish. This deep blue drink will turn you into a happier being.

Beat the Weekday Blues

Why make life so boring and keep all the fun for the weekends only?

With Blue Curacao Syrup in your pantry, you can make your ordinary days more vibrant and happening. This syrup enhances your mocktail experience with its tangy orange flavor while adding that heavenly blue color to your drinks.

So get ready for a mid-week bash!

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