Visiting or living in the USA and not visiting the Broad Ripple Restaurants is surely not possible! It is hard to choose the best among the Broad Ripple Restaurants because it depends upon whether you want to have breakfast, lunch, a fancy dinner, drinks with friends, coffee, or something else. The best part is that they have them all! Furthermore, there is a wide variety of these restaurants for both; formal and casual hangouts.

For Breakfast and Lunch

Ocean Prime

Ocean Prime is a modern American restaurant with an amazing atmosphere. This place certainly carries a vibrant and warm energy. Incredible ambiance, an impressive menu of seafood and steaks, and unforgettable hospitality are what make Ocean Prime the ideal place to eat, celebrate, socialize, and indulge.

Petit Chou/Patachou

Patachou is a house of amazing food and atmosphere. It offers excellent vegan and vegetarian options. The tomato artichoke soup and vegan Cuban breakfast are the must-haves if you are planning to visit here. In addition, Petit Chou/Patachou offers an incredible French menu, which makes it quite a famous place!

Brinkley’s Kitchen and Bar

Brinkley’s Kitchen and Bar is a nice place and has a bright trendy atmosphere. This place is famous for breakfast and bar food. Their must-haves are supreme nachos and roasted red pepper hummus. It is an affordable place and is quite popular too. Above all, here, you can get plenty of super tasty beers on the tap.

Canal Bistro Mediterranean Grille

If you are in the US, you can’t miss visiting this amazing restaurant; Canal Bistro Mediterranean Grille! This classy yet affordable restaurant is famous amongst American natives for breakfast and lunch. The restaurant serves excellent Mediterranean cuisine. The interior of the restaurant is gorgeously decorated with artwork and intricate light fixtures. Their every dish is heavenly but the crowd’s most favorites are falafel, hummus, and garlic fries with feta.

For Dinners

Let’s see which ones are the best Broad Ripple Restaurants for dinner:

Fire By the Manon

Fire By the Manon is an excellent place to have casual American food. It has an impressive menu and is committed to fresh international- they also have a culture of local and regional craft beers, though they have some amazing liquors and wines too. Fire By the Manon is surely a hidden gem located in the heart of North Broad Ripple.


Ukiyo is just perfect for a date night. It is a Japanese fusion restaurant- having an amazing ambiance. They have small plates and serve sushi inside a tremendous atmosphere. Don’t miss out on Omakeseit is their special dish on the menu prepared by the chef- but you have to reserve it in advance, as it’s only available on Friday and Saturday.

Fat Dan’s

If you are looking for some greasy bar food in a Chicago-style deli and pub, then Fat Dan’s is the right place! It is a perfect place to dine out. Their crispy fries, wings, and veggie burgers are to die for! If you are in the USA or get a chance to visit it-then do give this place a shot!

For Sweet Treats and Desserts

We have learned about the best Broad Ripple Restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, now it’s time to learn about the best ones for sweet treats and desserts:

Graeter’s Ice Cream

Graeter’s Ice Cream is located in the Northwest, Indianapolis. It is a famous place for ice creams and desserts. They have a huge variety of ice creams, sundaes, and cookies. Their ice creams are just heaven- freshly made, rich and creamy, and above all, they have plenty of flavors. It is a bit expensive.

Pots and Pans Pie

Pots and Pans Pie Shoppe is a fun little place to grab a pie. They have a wide variety of pies and biscuits on their menu- but you should surely try its Vegan Pot Pie or Biscuits, and their fruit pie- as a sweet treat. We must tell you that this place has some pleasant vibes!

As you can tell, Broad Ripple has everything, be it Japanese, Mexican, French, American, Mediterranean, and Cuban food- you’ll never have to leave home to try some amazing international flavors. There were dozens of other Broad Ripple Restaurants as well but the mentioned ones are our top picks!

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