Brown Rice Vinegar

There is no doubt that brown rice vinegar are healthy, nutritious, and add flavor to foods. Firstly, they contain amino acids that are helpful for your general wellbeing. Also, they are made from unpolished brown rice, and this makes them very rich in nutrients. 

Benefits of brown rice vinegar

Contains amino acids

They contain a lot of amino acids that enhance your health. Amino acid aids proper digestion and absorption of nutrients from foods. They also help with the breakdown of toxic fats in the body.

Proper digestion

They also contain acetic acid. This aids in the proper absorption of essential vitamins and minerals. Also, including rice vinegar in your food helps to absorb vitamins and minerals that would have been lost in the digestive process.

Slows aging process

Authentic brown rice vinegar contains 16 organic acids and 20 amino acids that help prevent the formation of toxic fats peroxides. When unsaturated fatty acids from vegetable oils and other foods are exposed to light (or heated) fat peroxides develop. This contributes to aging and unhealthy cholesterol formation.

Healthy heart

These kinds of vinegar inhibit fatty peroxides. Fatty peroxides help to prevent or reduce the build-up of harmful cholesterol on blood vessel walls. More so, taking them may reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 

What type of organic brown rice vinegar should I buy?

Some kinds of vinegar are made through a process of boiling that destroys many of the beneficial amino acids. However, these brands take enough time to make sure their vinegars are well fermented.

Eden Brown Rice Vinegar

EDEN’s vinegar is made from organically grown, cooked brown rice (Oryza Sativa. koji Aspergillus oryzae, and a small amount of seed vinegar from a previous batch and pure water. 

All these ingredients are blended and placed in an earthenware crock. This earthenware crock is partially buried, covered, and fermented for eight months.

This process of fermentation allows the enzymes in the Koji to break down the complex starches in the rice. This process converts it into simple sugar, alcohol, and finally vinegar. 

The vinegar is bottled in an Amber glass to protect its nutrients and flavor.


Ottogi‘s Brown Rice Vinegar is a universal herbal condiment that is commonly used in Asian cuisine. The soft nature of this vinegar is ideal for preparing sushi. Also, it is great for making fish, and meat, and seasoning soups and cold food. The delicate taste and slightly sweet flavor of Ottogi brown rice vinegar gives a delicious aroma to your dishes.

 Ohyama Foods 

This special hand-crafted, small-batch brown rice vinegar is made using the crisp and clear Aya spring water and brown rice, fermented by black koji culture. The production method makes this vinegar more special.

The vinegar is naturally fermented outdoors in large clay crocks for 6 months and then aged for an additional 6 months indoors.

As a result of using this time-honored method, their vinegar is rich in essential amino acids and umami flavor. 

This Japanese rice wine vinegar is suitable for both cooking and drinking.

For drinking, take 20ml of vinegar a day, diluted with 100ml of water. 

Ingredients: Water, brown rice, black koji 

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