Campari and Aperol are popular brands throughout the world, however, people often confuse the previous with the latter. Therefore, in this article, we will compare Campari vs Aperol and find out the difference.

Campari; The Charismatic Classic

In 1860, a new beverage was introduced to the world by Gaspare Campari in Novara, Italy. Campari caught everyone’s attention due to its distinctive bitter flavor. Gaspare started the first production plant in 1904, and ever since, there has been no looking back.

Over the years, the Campari brand has been successful in relating it with art, collaborated with international stars, and became a classy drink of the elite. Now it is all set on a venture to launch the first-ever movie created with artificial intelligence.

Aperol; The Italian Sunset

This refreshing bubbly concoction is an all-time favorite summer drink. However, Aperol has its roots in Italy as well. It is a drink of the 1900s produced by the Barbieri Company in Padua. The name ‘The Italian Sunset’ was given due to the radiant sunset effect it gives the drinking glass.

Unlike Campari, the Aperol brand targeted sports. First, it sponsored motorcycle racing events of Moto GP and later formed a partnership with Manchester United. Now they are diversifying into lifestyle and apparel collections.

The Distinctive Factor

There are quite a few distinguishing factors among these aperitivos, such as;

Taste: The most eminent difference between Campari and Aperol is the flavor. Campari is on the bitter side, whereas Aperol is fruitier, so it tastes a little sweet. However, both have some orange content and a herbal undertone. Campari has an intense aroma due to aromatic plants and herbs infused in water and alcohol. Whereas, Aperol has a velvety, woody yet pleasant kind of back taste.

Color: Campari has an intense red color, which complements its bold and mysterious flavor. Initially, the crimson color was achieved with carmine dye extracts from crushed cochineal insects. However, this practice was culminated in 2006, when other methods of coloring were introduced. Aperol has a vibrant orange color, but how it got that orange hue is a well-kept secret, as is the recipe for centuries now. However, it lightens the glass and brings joy as the sunlight passes through the crystal clear drink.

Alcohol Percentage: If you are sober, the good news is Aperol has only 11% of alcohol. However, if you’re sipping it in Germany, the percentage is 15% due to Einwegpfand, the packaging ordinance. Aperol can be enjoyed in its pure form due to its mild nature.

Campari is higher in alcohol content, almost double than that in Aperol. However, it has around 20.5-28.5% ABV, so you better stick to the concept of ‘a a drink’ if you don’t want to get knocked down.

Best Aperol Offerings

People, it’s time for Campari vs Aperol to lock horns. So let’s get these digestifs rolling for a backyard party. A few Aperol summer cocktails to brighten up your mood are

Aperol Spritz: This ritual is meant to bring people together; with prosecco, alcohol, a splash of soda, and a slice of orange in a wine glass, you’ll have a fun time with friends. Then, top it up with some modern appetizers or serve with the traditional “Cicchetti.”

Spaghett: Lazy to wash those glasses! Pop open a bottle of Aperol, take a sip or two to get into the groove and make space for other stuff. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice and a light beer of choice in the same bottle. Put back the cap, shake, shake, shake and pour out the beauty. To add more vibe to your Spaghett, use Miller High Life.

Intro to Aperol: Don’t get carried away, and it’s no introduction of Aperol. Instead, this is how the cocktail is named. Put your bartender shoes on; it’s time to show some serious skills. All you need is some lemon juice, gin, sugar syrup, a dash of Angostura Bitter, and, off-course, the start ingredient Aperol. Put them in a cocktail shaker with ice and serve on the rocks. Then, to excite it up, flame some orange peels and add to the concoction.

Best Campari Offerings

Now that we’ve enjoyed Aperol to its full let’s add a few Campari cocktails to get the party rocking.

Negroni: Get ready to swap that soda water with gin. Just stir up Campari, gin some sweet vermouth and an orange peel, and be ready to create history.

Boulevardier Cocktail: This crimson aperitif will be the eye candy at your party. With Campari, sweet vermouth, bourbon, or rye whiskey, your pals will be drooling over the counter.

The Fix Between the Two; Campari vs Aperol

It is hard to draw a bottom line for Campari vs Aperol; it all depends on your personal choice. Bitterness is now an acceptable flavor all over the US, making these aperitifs more popular. Be it your rooftop or patio, and these blends will lighten up the place with some great company and loads of laughter.

Must-Try Recipes

So take a break from your traditional wine and enjoy this cocktail pairing with some mouth-watering recipes;