If you already don’t know about Cappelletti Aperitivo, then you are on the right page to learn about it and quickly add it to your bar! Cappelletti Aperitivo is an Italian ruby-red bitter liqueur. Cappelletti requires wine for preparation, unlike other drinks. Being a wine-based beverage, Cappelletti has a unique mix of flavors.

Cappelletti Aperitivo offers a sweet and herbal taste with a subtly bitter finish. Cappelletti is used in the making of spirits with soda and white wine. It is generally like a mashup of Campari and Aperol; comprising the sweetness of the former and around half of the latter’s bitterness.

The best thing about Cappelletti Aperitivo is that it is excellent in mixing the drinks and is super versatile than being a Cappelletti Spritz. It blends greatly in the drinks. Cappelletti Aperitivo is surely worth adding to your collection of drinks and spirits!

Love Campri? Then It’s Time to Fall in Love With Cappelletti!

If you are already a fan of Campri, then falling in love with Cappelletti won’t be hard for you! Campri consists of a strong bittersweet flavor; having the notes of cherry, orange, cinnamon, and cloves. On the other hand, Cappelletti consists of subtle sweetness. So, it’s time for you to give Cappelletti a shot; you will love it for sure as Cappelletti serves as the perfect replacement for Campri!

Classic Cappelletti Cocktail Recipes!

We know that we can make several cocktails and drinks from Cappelletti Aperitivo. Still, here we are with some classic yet delicious Cappelletti Cocktail recipes, which will surely steal the show! So let’s dig into the recipes:

Cappelletti and Bourbon Cocktail


  • 2 tbsp Bourbon.
  • 1 tbsp Cappelletti.
  • 1 tbsp Lemon Juice.
  • 1 tbsp Green Chartreuse.
  • Ice. For Serving.


  • Take a cocktail shaker or a cocktail mixing glass- anything which is easily available.
  • Add Bourbon, Cappelletti, Lemon Juice, and Green Chartreuse in the shaker or mixer.
  • Add 2-3 tablespoons of ice and stir the ingredients together-until cold.
  • Strain the cocktail into an ice-filled lowball or a wine glass.
  • Optional: To garnish the cocktail you can add Lemon Wedge or mint on the top of the cocktail.

Your delicious Cappelletti and Bourbon Cocktail is ready to be served!

    Cappelletti Spritz


    • 3 tbsp Cappelletti Aperitivo.
    • 3 oz Wine. Sparkling
    • 1 tbsp Lychee Liqueur.
    • 2 tbsp Club Soda.
    • Grapefruit twist. For garnishing
    • Ice.


    • Add ice in a large wine glass.
    • Add together Lychee Liqueur and Cappelletti Aperitivo and stir them.
    • Now, top them with Club Soda and sparkling wine.

    Garnish the drink with the Grapefruit twist and your delightful Cappelletti Spritz is ready to serve. Serve it immediately though!

      Cappelletti Negroni



      • Take a mixing glass and fill it with ice.
      • Pour Cappelletti, Vermouth and Gin. Stir them gently.
      • Strain the drink in a wine or an old fashioned glass.
      • Garnish the drink with the orange slice.

      Your show-stealer drink- Cappelletti Negroni is ready to be served!

        Mouth-Watering Recipe Recommendations!

        So what are you waiting for? Do try the Cappelletti Aperitivo or use it as a spirit in a drink and enjoy the divine taste! Do let us know in the comments section below if you find this article informative and interesting!