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Substitute for Sherry Vinegar

What Is Sherry Vinegar? Before we get into listing the possible Sherry Vinegar Substitute, let us first talk about what Sherry Vinegar is. Sherry Vinegar is a fine quality Spanish vinegar that is prepared through fermenting Sherry Wine. Sherry Wine helps make a less acidic vinegar in comparison to red or white wine vinegar. In …

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Delicious Cointreau Substitute

Baking your favorite dessert or hosting a cocktail party but realize you don’t have Cointreau? Don’t panic! Here are a few options that serve as a perfect Cointreau Substitute. An orange liqueur with a slightly sweet orange taste; Cointreau flavors up cocktails such as Cosmopolitan and Margarita. Fun Fact: It was first discovered in 1875 …

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Turmeric Substitute

Turmeric powder has a vaguely bitter taste that gives the curry and recipes a pungent punch and an aroma similar to mustard seeds. The specialty of Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisines; Turmeric is commonly used to give recipes a golden yellow color; be it savory or sweet dishes. Undoubtedly! Turmeric is one of its …

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Substitute for Pine Nuts in Pesto

The second most expensive nuts in the world are Pine nuts (after only macadamia nuts!); therefore, this rundown of pine nut replacements will most likely be useful. They are delicious in both savory and sweet dishes. These nuts are unique, but if you’re making a large quantity of pesto and don’t have any on hand, …

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Thai Basil vs Basil

Belonging to the mint family, there are more than 100 varieties of Basil! So, the confusion is a must. The most common amongst this class is the sweet Basil, also known as the Italian Sweet Basil. Thai Basil vs Basil is based on its physical appearance and the way it grows. The flavors of the …

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Kosher Salt Substitute

Kosher Salt Substitute

What is Kosher Salt? Kosher Salt has a large grain size, and it’s mostly sold as flakes with a large surface area. It can be made by both seawater or salt mines. Kosher Salt has a mild and bright flavor. It is a type that is a bit saltier than table salt, and it dissolves …

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Oregano Substitute

10 Amazing Oregano Substitute

 What is Oregano? Known for making pizza sauce or Italian pasta sauce; Oregano is a herb you will recognize the flavor of as soon as you try it.  Oregano belongs to cuisines like the Mediterranean, Italian, and Mexican. Many Greek recipes also have Oregano in them. You can use it both ways; dried or fresh. …

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