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Substitute For Dill

Substitute For Dill

We already know that Dill is a herb that is widely used in foods all over the world. It is most commonly grown and used in Europe and Asia. We would never want to use anything other than Dill but we still must know some Substitute for Dill, just in case we run out of …

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Refreshing Tequila Lemonade

Refreshing Tequila Lemonade

A hot summer day or a cool evening, this is a drink that can be made and enjoyed any time of the day! Lighter than other of its counterparts, Tequila is an alcohol that can be taken even during day time. Refreshing Tequila Lemonade, a drink that puts together light alcohol and the refreshing lemon, …

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What Goes With Fajitas?

What Goes With Fajitas?

Mexican Cuisine has the most interesting and flavorful food as compared to all other cuisines out there. For example, a Fajita; is not just your normal wrap; it is a burst of flavors with beautiful texture and colors. Fajitas certainly steal the show, and you can smell them and hear them from miles away because …

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Easy to Make Cynar Cocktails

Easy to Make Cynar Cocktails

Are you looking to add more highball liqueurs to your collection? Take a look at Cynar! This popular Italian bitter liqueur (amaro) is gaining traction in American mixology for its Cynar Cocktails. Why? Because, it offers the fascinating aromatic flavors of caramel, mint, and toffee. Most people prefer their Cynar served on rocks or added with …

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Reposado vs. Blanco

Reposado vs Blanco; The Battle

Deciding what to have for the weekend ahead? But your mind struggles to choose between Reposado vs Blanco. Well, you can either sit with an aged companion “Reposado “and get wisdom from its maturity in the oak barrels and cherish its notes of oak while indulging in nostalgia. In contrast, you can give try out …

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Substitute for Sherry Vinegar

What Is Sherry Vinegar? Before we get into listing the possible Sherry Vinegar Substitute, let us first talk about what Sherry Vinegar is. Sherry Vinegar is a fine quality Spanish vinegar that is prepared through fermenting Sherry Wine. Sherry Wine helps make a less acidic vinegar in comparison to red or white wine vinegar. In …

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Delicious Cointreau Substitute

Baking your favorite dessert or hosting a cocktail party but realize you don’t have Cointreau? Don’t panic! Here are a few options that serve as a perfect Cointreau Substitute. An orange liqueur with a slightly sweet orange taste; Cointreau flavors up cocktails such as Cosmopolitan and Margarita. Fun Fact: It was first discovered in 1875 …

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Turmeric Substitute

Turmeric powder has a vaguely bitter taste that gives the curry and recipes a pungent punch and an aroma similar to mustard seeds. The specialty of Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisines; Turmeric is commonly used to give recipes a golden yellow color; be it savory or sweet dishes. Undoubtedly! Turmeric is one of its …

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