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Blue Curacao Syrup

Blue Curacao Syrup

The Orange Liqueur You must be wondering why this heading? While we are discussing the Blue Curacao Syrup. To your surprise, the Curacao syrup is originally an orange liqueur with a modified color. This beverage consists of laraha, which are bitter oranges, earlier produced in Spain. Now, these oranges grow in Curacao, which is an …

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Broad Ripple Restaurants

Broad Ripple Restaurants

Visiting or living in the USA and not visiting the Broad Ripple Restaurants is surely not possible! It is hard to choose the best among the Broad Ripple Restaurants because it depends upon whether you want to have breakfast, lunch, a fancy dinner, drinks with friends, coffee, or something else. The best part is that …

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2 Ingredient Vodka Drinks

2 Ingredient Vodka Drinks

Often we ask about what to mix with vodka? Due to the neutral flavor of vodka, it is considered perfect for a two-ingredient drink. You can pair up economical vodka with any mixer; some might turn out to be classic cocktails, and others turn out to be delicious, fun, and cheap drinks. However, when talking …

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Caraway Seeds Substitute

Caraway Seed is a key ingredient in Eastern and Central European biscuits, cakes, bread, and liquors. The seed provides a perfect balance of peppery, citrusy flavors with a pinch of licorice essence. Apart from adding essence, aroma, and taste to your recipes, Caraway seed also contains noticeable medicinal properties that are used in the treatment …

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8 Amazing Strawberry Alcohol Drinks

Nothing competes with the juicy flavor and vibrant colors of a ripe strawberry. The perfect way to enjoy your summer evenings is to make yourself a sweet, fruity Strawberry Alcohol Cocktail. Although fresh strawberries serve the best to be added to any recipe, you also use frozen strawberries or strawberry syrup instead. Pair it up …

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Chilaquiles Verdes

History of Chilaquiles Chilaquiles Verdes dates back to the early Aztecs from the 13th century. It means ‘Chilies and Greens’ in Nahuatl, a language spoken in Aztecs. Chilaquiles started in Mexico, and today, it has evolved into worldwide cuisines. In 1898, Chilaquiles became popular in America from the cookbook ‘The Spanish Cook’ written by Encarnacion …

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Crème Fraîche Substitute

Crème Fraiche is a French word that means “fresh cream”. It is a common ingredient in many French dishes and recipes. It is a French version of sour cream. It consists of a tangy, nutty, and slightly sour flavor with a thick texture. Crème Fraiche is similar to Mexican crema. Crème Fraiche is used as …

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Black Manhattan Cocktail

Black Manhattan Cocktail is a time-worn classic that has inspired generations towards the art of mixology. The quest to create a rich and smooth concoction led to pure indulgence. The Traditional Manhattan Almost every liqueur has this ambiguity about its origin which makes it intriguing yet fun to imbibe. The Manhattan Cocktail, which is one …

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Strong Cocktails

Strong Cocktails

The Debatable Origin Like most liquor origins, the cocktails’ origin is also vague; the word first appeared in The Farmers Cabinet (The United States) in 1803. The official definition was mentioned in 1806 in the Balance and Columbian Repository (Hudson, New York) In the 17th century, a perception was shared by James Ashley, who owned a …

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