History of Chilaquiles


Chilaquiles Verdes dates back to the early Aztecs from the 13th century. It means ‘Chilies and Greens’ in Nahuatl, a language spoken in Aztecs. Chilaquiles started in Mexico, and today, it has evolved into worldwide cuisines.

In 1898, Chilaquiles became popular in America from the cookbook ‘The Spanish Cook’ written by Encarnacion Pinedo. Today, this recipe is part of every breakfast restaurant menu in America.

What are Chilaquiles Verdes?

A traditional Mexican dish, Chilaquiles (pronounced as chee-lah-kee-lehs means ‘Chilies and Greens’ in Nahuatl). The preparation of chilaquiles takes corn tortillas cut into wedges shape.

Firstly, you fry to give tortillas the right amount of crispiness. Secondly, you cook them either in red or green salsa sauce. Most of the ingredients for chilaquiles come from the leftovers, therefore, it takes less cooking and assembling time.

Chilaquiles Verdes is a famous meal in Mexico that you can serve as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. However, it’s most famous as a breakfast option often served with Eggs. It is a perfect dish to make when you have extra corn tortillas available.

Are Chilaquiles Crunchy?

After looking for answers from the Mexicans themselves, it has been concluded that personal preference matters the most. Crunchy chilaquiles are preferred for breakfast, whereas soft chilaquiles are preferred at lunch and dinner.

Features of Chilaquiles Verdes


The Sauce:

Chilaquiles depend on how good the sauce is in which the chips are bathed, so no matter if you prefer the green or the red sauce- both make chilaquiles worthwhile.

Baked Tortilla Chips:

Even though many recipes require frying the tortilla chips, the baked tortilla chips are more delicious and healthy.

Pantry Friendly:

The best part about chilaquiles is that it uses a handful of ingredients that are almost always available in your pantry. So you can make this scrumptious Mexican delight whenever you please.


Scrumptious use of Leftovers:

Chilaquiles is a perfect recipe to recycle leftovers. Have some carnitas left from your tacos? Add them to this recipe! Whatever leftover you have at home, use them to make your chilaquiles more delicious.

Prep Prior:

The sauce, tortilla chips, and toppings can be prepared ahead of time, so all you will have to do is mix them and maybe bake or cook them for about 5 minutes, as per your preference.

Great Entertainment:

It is always exciting to offer guests to prepare their own food from different options that chilaquiles provides. Serve the toppings on the side with tortillas and sauce on the other side, make your guests choose, and make their own chilaquiles as per their taste.


The best part about Mexican food is that you can do a variety of things. Just like chilaquiles, where you can add proteins if you like or make it completely vegetarian. They are so versatile, which gives you the possibility of choosing your own adventure every time you make it.

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