The best things in life sometimes take time, and this court bouillon salmon recipe perfectly explains it. This recipe takes about 60 minutes to cook, but it comes out so good that you can barely resist having it again and again. While the white wine gives this meal an exotic taste, carrots add crunchiness to this fine salmon meal!

Let’s check out the recipe!

Court Bouillon Salmon Recipe

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 10 minutes
Course Main dish
Cuisine American
Calories 298 kcal


Court Bouillon Ingredients

  • 1 bottle White Wine
  • 1 Spanish Onions Large, Finely chopped
  • 3 cups Water
  • 3 Bay Leaves
  • 2 stalks Celery Sliced
  • 1 bouquet Garni
  • 5 Carrots Finely sliced

Salmon Ingredients

  • 7 pounds Whole Salmon
  • 8 slices Cucumbers You can add more
  • 8 slices Lemon You can add more
  • Fresh Watercress Vegetable


  • Set a large saucepan to low heat. Pour some water, white wine, Garni. Add the Spanish onions, and the carrot too.
  • Add bay leaves and simmer the ingredients together for about twenty-five minutes. By now, the court bouillon should be ready.
  • Allow the court bouillon to cool down for some minutes. Then place salmon in the warm court bouillon and add more water.
  • Simmer the salmon and the court bouillon together for about thirty minutes until the salmon flakes easily when you test it with a fork.
  • Transfer the cooked salmon from the court bouillon to a small bowl. Then remove the skin.
  • Place the salmon on a plate and garnish with lemon and cucumbers. Also, add the parsley vegetables or watercress.
  • Your salmon is ready. Serve with a desired side dish.
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Side Dishes to Pair With Court Bouillon Salmon

Salmon soaked in court bouillon is usually a delicacy. However, it will make a great blend with other tasty dishes. Below are five delightful dishes you pair with your court bouillon salmon.

  • Buffalo chicken wings: The best way to enjoy salmon poached in court bouillon is to pair it with buffalo chicken wings. Buffalo chicken wings are sections of chicken wings that pass through the deep-frying process. 
  • Sauce tartare: Sauce tartare can be an ideal combination to complement your court bouillon salmon. It comprises shallots, capers, gherkins, chives, and parsley. You can simply soak these ingredients into mayonnaise, and your sauce tartare would be ready.
  • Crab cakes: Crab cakes are sauteed or grilled varieties of fish cakes. It usually comprises mayonnaise, bread crumbs, eggs, mustard, and several seasonings. They are oh so! crispy and delicious.
  • French onion dip: Also known as California onion dip, French onion dip has a creamy taste making it a perfect match to enhance salmon’s taste. You can prepare your French onion dip by flavoring a base of sour cream with minced onions.

FAQs: Court Bouillon Salmon Recipe

Court bouillon is one of the best broths you can soak your salmon with. In case you still have some doubts, here are some frequently asked questions to guide you.

Can I go for court bouillon while on a Paleo?

Yes, you can. The Paleo diet helps you gain weight. Also, it favors all broth dishes, especially court bouillon, because of its rich ingredients.

Is court bouillon gluten-free?

Absolutely yes! If you prepare your court bouillon with wheat bouillon, your broth is free from gluten. However, chicken bouillon is not free from gluten. So it is safer to avoid it if you are allergic to gluten.

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