Crème Fraiche is a French word that means “fresh cream”. It is a common ingredient in many French dishes and recipes. It is a French version of sour cream. It consists of a tangy, nutty, and slightly sour flavor with a thick texture. Crème Fraiche is similar to Mexican crema. Crème Fraiche is used as a thickener or condiment in many appetizers, desserts, and dishes.

Crème Fraiche Substitute

There are some options which fit perfectly if you can’t find Crème Fraiche! You might already have some of these in your fridge! Here are the best and easy substitutes of Crème Fraiche that you can use in recipes and dolloping.

Sour Cream

The most easily available substitute for Crème Fraiche? It is surely Sour cream! The creamy rich texture of sour cream makes it a perfect substitute for Crème Fraiche, though it consists of slightly lower fat content. The best thing you will notice is that it has a tangier taste than Crème Fraiche. Sour cream can easily be used in baking and for dolloping in place of Crème Fraiche, just use the same amount of sour cream as it requires for Crème Fraiche in the recipe.

Mexican Crema

What’s another perfectly suitable Crème Fraiche Substitute? It is Mexican Crema! This Crema has a tangy taste similar to Crème Fraiche, but it has a thinner consistency and subtly sweet flavor. Mexican Crema is a perfect substitute for Crème Fraiche when you need it in a small amount- like to drizzle over a soup!

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is another substitute for Crème Fraiche! On the other hand, Greek yogurt is as thick and creamy as Crème Fraiche and has a considerably tangier flavor. This Greek yogurt may be used in baking recipes in place of Crème Fraiche, although the texture will be somewhat different due to the yogurt’s lower fat content. It is also a more convenient replacement for dolloping soups. Use the same amount of Greek Yogurt as it requires for Crème Fraiche in the recipe, that is, use  1 cup of Greek Yogurt instead of  1 cup of Crème Fraiche.

Cream Cheese

Let’s learn about another Crème Fraiche Substitute, which is Cream Cheese! It has a rich tangy and creamy flavor like Crème Fraiche but it is much denser! If you want to use it in a dip, you’ll need to thin it out with milk or another creamy dairy product because Crème Fraiche is not so dense. It is not suitable to be used as a topping or for drizzling. You can use it in small amounts in soups or sauces, though—be sure to mix it well, so it melts.


One of the best substitutes for Crème Fraiche is Mascarpone. Mascarpone is Italian cream cheese with a lightly sweet taste. It is the best Crème Fraiche substitute for desserts due to its rich texture. The flavor of Mascorpine is sweeter than Crème Fraiche, without the subtle tang, but it works best in desserts.

A DIY Crème Fraîche Substitute

Have you run out of Crème Fraiche and have no time to get it from the shop? No issue! Let’s learn a DIY Crème Fraiche Substitute- which is super easy to make and requires fewer ingredients as well! So save yourself a trip to the grocery store! Here you go:

  • Combine 2 cups of heavy cream and 2 tablespoons of buttermilk in a glass jar. Cover the jar partially and let it rest for 20-24 hours or until it gets thick enough. Though the longer it sits, the better thickness you will get- don’t keep it longer than 24 hours; it may go bad.

Your delicious DIY Crème Fraiche Substitute is ready! Use it right away or you can also keep it in the refrigerator- it stays good for 2 weeks!

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We believe that all the above-mentioned Crème Fraiche substitutes will be helpful for you! However, if you ever run short of the Crème Fraiche, try any of these Substitutes- some of them are easily available in your pantry or fridge! Do let us know in the comment section below how helpful this article was for you!