The grandeur of Crown Royal whiskey and the peppiness of cola will enlighten you. So indulge in this ready-to-have cocktail can, but don’t forget to drink responsibly.


This is about the King and the Queen, and I’m not fantasizing I really mean the Royal Couple. The journey of Crown Royal began in the year 1939. It was when King George VI and Queen Elizabeth planned their grand tour to Canada. Sam Bronfman an entrepreneur and owner of The House of Seagram, crafted this delicacy as a gift for the royalty.

It soon became the talk of the town due to its finesse and gift-worthy presentation. To date, Crown Royal remains the epitome of Canadian Whiskey. It reached the United States in 1964 and soon got all the attention and boom it deserved.

The biggest surprise to all whiskey loyalists came in 2020 when the internet got flooded with the flashing image of a purple can, named Crown Royal Whiskey and Cola Can. Although it was a moment of joy for all cola lovers and cocktails enthusiasts, people still considered it a rumor. Until the purple beauty was unveiled in March 2021, it just seemed like a myth of having both whiskey and cola in one product.

The Booze Content

A can of Crown Royal Whiskey and Cola has 7% ABV. This 14 proof cocktail lets you feel the class of having Crown Royal with the bubbly cola. It is just right; even if you’re sober or a heavy drinker, you can find your comfort zone with this can.

The alcohol content is close to your beer, and it saves you the hassle of mixing as it is a ready-to-have cocktail. This makes it ideal for cocktail newbies.

The Price

Imagine getting the privilege to sip a concoction once consumed by the monarchs. The value of 1 bottle of Crown Royal Whiskey was reported to be $10,000. Yet, here we are going on with our regular cola and saving our whiskeys for special occasions. The Crown Royal takes us all by storm as it surges the canned cocktail market, making it available for $14.99 for a pack of four and only $3.25 for a 473ml single can.

  • The Outer Persona: Crown Royal Whiskey and Cola Can have an elegant outer appearance. The can is textured, giving it a superior look and a smooth feel. Purple is a symbol of royalty that speaks out about the brands’ extravagance. This color has been the identity of Crown Royal since it was first wrapped in a regal purple bag with gold embroidery to be gifted to the King and the Queen.
  • The Charm Inside: It tastes more like a ‘bourbon mash’, as it uses the same proportions. However, the cola notes overpower the spicy and fruity flavors of the original whiskey. The color is dark, exactly like that of cola, and it has all the fizz to enjoy. You no longer need to deal with the flatness when whiskey and cola are separately mixed in a glass.

Flavours in the Market
If you are in a lighter mood, there are two more flavors of canned cocktails by Crown Royal.

Crown Royal Peach Tea

Now here’s to all the tea lovers in town! Or shall I say, flavored tea addicts?

You could have never imagined enjoying brewed tea with peach flavor blended with the prestigious Crown Royal whiskey on the rocks. This is like looking at life from a different angle.

Crown Royal Washington Apple

I grew up listening to the phrase, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Little did I know mixing that apple with whiskey keeps you away from boredom.  It lets you enjoy life while getting the nourishment of the apple and the sweet flavor of cranberries.

The Temptation

The Crown Royal Whiskey and Cola Can is tempting when served chilled or on the rocks with a lemon wedge by the side. However, it can be effortlessly enjoyed with any kind of savory or even a slice of chocolate cake. The entire concept of this ready-to-have cocktail is to carry joy with you wherever you are.

I bet you can’t wait to hit the legal age to sip the oak notes of the Crown Royal whiskey and the vigor of the cola.

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