Does Ice Cream Go Bad?

The simple answer to “does ice cream go bad is; Yes, it does”, just like any other edible item, ice cream too has a life span. However, Let’s find out more about how to know it exactly.

The Duration to Consume Ice Cream

Unopened or Packed: The best approach to determine the shelf life of unopened ice cream is to look at the (Expiration, Best Before, Use By) date printed on the package. This date indicates the duration within which we should ideally consume it.

Opened or Unpacked: If you eat it soon, the taste and quality will be at their best for opened ice cream. However, you can keep it in the freezer for 2 to 4 months.

Tip: Whenever you take out frozen stuff; it is always recommended to check them for any unusual smell or texture before consuming. 

Tips to Perfectly Consume and Store Ice Cream?

Finish it: ‘Finish it in One Sitting!’ is the best way to avoid freezer burn.

Check the temperature before storing it: A temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower is advised, as the lower the temperature, the more likely you are to avoid freezer burn.

The perfect spot: The rear of the freezer is the ideal place to keep it, as every time you open the freezer, the temperature in this area is the least influenced.

Do not mix the flavors: Mixing flavors isn’t a good idea because strong odors from the cooling area could quickly migrate into the freezing area and might spoil other frozen items. You can avoid this by putting a package of baking soda or discarded tea bags in the container.

Stopping air from getting into it: This is to prevent the chilly air and freeze burn from ruining the flavor and texture. To avoid freeze burns;

  • Use an airtight container or a lidded plastic box
  • Cover the ice cream’s surface with a thin plastic wrap.
  • Use dedicated storage containers, such as Tupperware.

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