Kahlua is a famous, much-loved, and sixth most selling coffee-flavored liquor. It offers the perfect combination of coffee, rum, and a few other ingredients. Over the years, its producers have been trying to reduce the alcohol levels in it considering the rising health and consciousness trends. Consequently, from the past 80 years till 2021 its alcohol content dropped down from 26% to 16%.

Origin of Kahlua

Kahlúa was first made by Pedro Domecq in the 1940s. The word Kahlua means “House of the Acolhua people.” The drink was introduced in America in 1974, and it gained much popularity in a short span throughout North America.

Best Kahlua Drinks

Not only Kahlua is a great mixer for other drinks and cocktails, but it is widely used as a dessert topping ingredient. People love its taste and try to add it to their favorite sweet dishes to enhance the flavor.

Storage Facts and Tips About Kahlua

  • Alcohol makes the life of any beverage longer due to its properties similar to preservatives.
  • It contains fresh fruit extracts; so it doesn’t contain perishable ingredient.
  • Normally Kahlua’s shelf life is estimated as 4 years. You can consume it even after 4 years as well, but the coffee’s taste will not remain the same.
  • Store it in a dark and cool place to keep it good for longer period.
  • If the bottle has been opened and you want to keep enjoying it for a longer time, try to put on the original seal.
  • Some people think that the Kahlua can turn bad after some time due to sugar, but this is not the case; it remains fresh and good for a long time.

Does Go Bad? Signs of Bad Kahlua

Despite having a longer shelf life, Kahlua can go bad, and there are several signs from which you can identify it has gone bad.

  • The drink will not retain its color.
  • Any unnatural growth in the bottle could be fungus or other bacterial growth.
  • The taste wouldn’t seem to be natural
  • It might smell fishy.

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