We can store it, but it all relies on the type and how it is stored. Some can persist for decades, while others clump, stiffen, or lose their flavor much sooner. Let’s see how long sugar lasts, in this article.

Does Sugar Go Bad?

You can store white sugar in a dark, and dry place for decades without, and it wouldn’t lose its quality. However, due to its hygroscopic nature, it might attract water molecules. As a result, wet sugar becomes contaminated with mold and pantry bugs, and becomes unfit to consume.

Storage Tips


Packaged Granules sugar can last for a long, however, if opened; it should be consumed within two years. Packaged products mostly have the best-before date printed to them, however, in this case, it won’t spoil unless pantry bugs or water get to it.


Even though brown sugar has a shelf life of two years, we can store it for a longer period. Its quality, however, may deteriorate. The best way to store the brown version is to store it in a bag away from moisture, heat sources, and pantry pests.


Just like the white and brown version; powdered should also be stored in a dark and dry place. And you can use it for as long as you need, and it wouldn’t go bad. However, manufacturers provide the best-before date on the package, which mostly stands for about two years. And we also recommend not using it after its consumption date passes.

How Can You Tell if Your Sugar Has Gone Bad?

Smell: Sugar has no odor, however, it is a strong ingredient that absorbs scents, and it mostly adapts to the odor of other ingredients included. And in case you find it emitting any fishy odor on its own that means you need to get rid of it now.

Texture: Although Texture Sugars do not get stale, you can see clumps inside the bag, if it does. This is because moisture-affected sugar causes it to form small solid lumps, however, you can break it up.

Bugs: If you find dead or alive bugs, as well as their larvae and eggs, in the sugar bag, please discard it.

How to Store Sugar for Long-Lasting

Obscure, airtight, and moisture/odor-proof storage containers are ideal. The conventional retail paper container is not suitable for long-term storage for crystal sugars. Instead, you can store dry sugar in polythene bags, Mylar-type bags, food-grade plastic buckets, glass canning jars, and #10 cans.

Alternatives to Sugar


Xylitol has a shelf life of roughly two years. But, just like sugar, if you store it properly, it should keep its quality for more than two years.


Erythritol is Swerve’s major ingredient; erythritol has a storage life of one to two years but lasts much longer.