When the weather is getting to you, can soups come for the rescue!  They come in handy in any situation, be it traveling, working, or sitting in a cozy blanket reading, Paulo Coelho. It’s a quick escape from the world and a treat for your senses.

The Origin of Can Soups

While most of us think that canned products came into being just about recently, it is interesting to know that the very first ready-to-eat can soup was launched in 1895. Campbell Soup Company was the first company to introduce this packaged liquid meal to the world, and it took no time in gaining popularity among several cultures and places around the globe.

Most can soups either meat or vegetable-based follow a proper sterilization process. However, it may differ in taste, essence, ingredient, and flavors, depending on the market demand.


The Health Perspective

If you are wondering, ‘is soup healthy’ then worry no more. Most celebrity chefs state that soup refreshes both the body and mind. Here are some reasons that will push you to consume more soups.

  • Firstly, soup eaters take in more minerals and vitamins. This is because they get more servings of vegetables that are not overly cooked. So the nutrients such as iron, magnesium, fiber, and vitamin A, remain intact.
  • Secondly, it is ideal for weight loss, especially if taken before a meal. This is because it enables us to reduce the meal portion as the stomach feels full. It also supports cutting down or taking smaller quantities of rice and flour-based products.
  • Thirdly, your calorie count remains low with more liquid meal intake. The canned soup has no fried or oily stuff. So you are feeding the body with just the right ingredients to be nourished and feel strong.
  • Fourthly, it resolves the conflict between potassium and sodium. The body needs more potassium for a healthy heart. But our snacking habits enhance sodium in our bodies. Soups are rich in potassium due to added vegetables and greens. It helps to offset some of the harmful effects of excessive sodium in the human body.

Variety of Packaged Soups

Can soups are available in two main varieties;

Ready-to-eat: As the name suggests, ready-to-eat soups do not require any additions to them. You pop the can open, and they are ready for consumption.

Condensed: Water content from condensed can soups are reduced or removed.  These can be prepared with either hot water or milk. Again, this variety would require to be served, mostly in the comfort of your home.

The Best Soup Brands

To name a few, Campbell’s Soup is at the top of the list. Amy’s Organic Soups are considered affordable. Progresso Reduced Sodium Soups are the talk of the town. But my personal favorite is Healthy Valley Organic No Salt added Soup.

Pro Tip: Opting for can soups is great in terms of longer shelf life and convenience. However, we cannot deny that it might taste bland as the ingredients have been sitting in there for quite some time. Adding a few flavors can enhance the taste and make it as good as fresh soup. A useful tip here would be to simmer it in a pot instead of heating it in a microwave.

Ingredients and Tips to Enhance Canned Soups

Herbs: Either fresh or dried, are a natural way of add aroma. Toss some aromatics like garlic cloves in the soup while simmering to enjoy a load of health benefits as well. Parsley, dill, winter savory, thyme, lovage, chives, basil, and bay leaves are a few herbs that go hand in hand with soups.

Spice it up with freshly ground pepper or a hint of salt. If this is not enough, add curry powder which is an Indian blend of spices. These spices take away the bland taste and make it taste more like a homemade soup.

Citric acid enhances the taste and adds a slight tanginess. A few drops of freshly squeezed lemon would be awesome. On the other hand, vinegar can pretty much do the same, in case you have run out of lemons and do not find it convenient to run to a grocery store.

Greens add a lot of texture to the canned soup and are full of goodness. Spinach, for instance, is a great source of iron. Likewise, you can use celery for a lighter and fresher outcome. You can even garnish your soups with coriander and green chili.

Italian seasoning is a game changer! It can make your soup taste extraordinary, giving a very different kind of flavor to enjoy.


To Wrap it Up

Soups spell comfort and warmth on a cold winter’s evening! They are light on the stomach, digest easily, and are packed with nutrients. Just go and grab a few flavors of your choice, add a bit of seasoning and get ready to slurp. Unlike fresh ingredients, there is no hassle of storage of the soup, as its shelf life is long enough.

So, if you have had a long day and are not in the mood to cook. All you got to do is open a can, simmer the soup, sit back and relax. There can be add-ons like toasted bread, a grilled sandwich, pasta, or even better, baked potatoes to make it a wholesome meal. Can soups be a great option for a fuss-free meal?

Looking for a Side to Serve the Soup With? Try These!