Today we will be checking out the process of making some exotic gin lemonade cocktail. But before we do that, let’s look into what is Gin.


There are plenty of questions that come across every time we see the term “gin”. So here is a little elaboration on what exactly gin is? Gin is a European liquor originated by alchemists, known for its medicinal use. However, with time it revolutionalized, resulting in various gins-based inventions. It serves great as a base spirit in various liquors such as; sloe gin, fruit flavorings, and sugar.

It contains coriander, lemon peel, licorice, cassia, and orris root. In some varieties, the gin contains basil and peppercorns. You can use gin in several combinations, like; negroni, martini, and G&T.

The flavors of gin are purely botanical, which means it is all about seeds, herbs, flowers, spices, or plants; moreover, each gin contains Juniper. Hence, Juniper is famous as the predominant flavor of gin.

Gin Lemonade Cocktail, An Absolute Choice For Beachy Summers

Nothing feels better other than a chilled cocktail under a scorching shiny sun on the beach. And if it’s gin and lemonade, it surely becomes exotic. Drinks like gin and lemonade cocktails are the favorites at beach weddings, parties, and slumber nights. Who would; not want to sip onto an immensely flavorful and luscious drink.

Lemonade and gin are an absolute combination that compliments each other compounds. Presenting an exotic range of some famous and most loved gin and lemonade cocktails;

  • Frozen lemonade gin cocktail; a mixture of club soda and gin poured over frozen lemonade beats everything aside.
  • Happy hour lemonade; fresh lemons, a pinch of thyme, lemonade and gin combined with added sugar and soda makes the best cocktail for summer nights.
  • Pink lemonade prosecco gin frozen cocktail; a mixture of lemonade and gin with Mionetto Prosecco tossed with an olive is a luxurious choice.
  • Honey lavender gin lemonade; this intense combination of lavender flowers and lemons with a balanced gin makes a refreshing yet soothing cocktail.
  • Simple gin punch; simple but stands out amongst all, a punch of grapefruit juice with lemonade, simple syrup and gin reveals a refreshing, colourful happy drink.
  • Gordos pink gin spritz, a blend of gin, lemonade and prosecco with fresh strawberries, is one of the best picks in Gordons range.

The Correct Amount Of Gin in Cocktails

How much gin should be used in a cocktail is the key to achieving a balanced drink’s taste. Preparation with lemonade requires 50ml of Gordon’s dry gin. With a lemon wedge and a few ice cubes.

Fun Facts About Gin

  • Many people may not know this, but gin is a healthy and better option for people who have diabetes.
  • Gin instigates longevity, and it clears clogged arteries. In addition, a balanced amount of gin every day reduces the chances of heart failure!
  • Raisins brined in gin treat arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Juniper berries used in gin help treat stomach issues like aching and bloating. In addition, it improves digestion.
  • In comparison with other beverages, ad liquor drinks gin is a fairly low-calorie drink with less sugar. Good news for the fitness freaks!

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