Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But choosing a breakfast that is delicious, and nutritious can be tough. You have a wide range of breakfast ideas, from simple and traditional to trendy and fancy breakfasts.

So, Don’t worry! if choosing between the tasty vs healthy breakfast confuses you. This article will assist you by providing a pool of information covering all the aspects of having a perfect breakfast. So let’s dive in!

Breakfast – A Good Start of the Day

The most important meal of the day “Breakfast” means ending up overnight fasting. In old English, it was termed morgenmete, which means morning food. In addition, it replenishes the supply of essential nutrients and glucose in your body.

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.”

Adelle Davis (1960s) – A famous Nutritionist

The Emergence of the Concept of Breakfast

The basic concept of breakfast has been prevailing since ancient times. This essential meal can be traced back to ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Furthering to European middle ages with Medieval cuisines; it has been evolved to the present times with a wide variety of cuisines; including Asian, Arab, French, Japanese, British, and several others.

However, the major concept that breakfast is the most important meal of the day was first coined during the 19th century by Seventh Day Adventists Dr. John Harvey Kellogg and James Caleb Jackson during their newly invented cold breakfast cereal granola.

Fancy Breakfast

Fancy is the word associated with liking or attraction. And fancy breakfast means to have cozzy delicacies of multiple food options including vegemite, weet bix, and various delicious fruits. A meal with the punch of both flavor and nutrition proves to be a fancy breakfast for people nowadays.

A wide range of typical, traditional, and fancy breakfast menus exist in the world. The breakfast composition including types of ingredients and preparation methods varies from place to place globally. To make delicious and healthy breakfast choices, you must know about the low-carb breakfast ideas from super healthy to fancy breakfast to just plain and easy old gosh-darn breakfast ideas.

Here are a few fancy breakfast ideas for you;

Low-Carb Healthy Breakfast Ideas

The simple breakfasts can serve you with a high protein, and low-carb start of the day. You can have Soft-Scrambled Eggs, Soft-Boiled or Hard-Boiled Eggs, Migas, Bacon and Avocado Omelette, and Huevos Rancheros to wrap up health in taste.

Cereals for Breakfast

To groove on the filling, healthy and delicious alchemy in the breakfast, you must try Apple and Maple baked Oatmeal, Nuts, and Seeds Granola, Granola with Figs, Coconut, and Almond, and Norwegian Rice Porridge.

Cakes for Breakfast

Spongy, yummy, moist, and tender cakes are the deliciously healthy breakfast ideas one can have to start the day. A few must-try ideas include Gingerbread loaf, Sour Cream Coffee Cake, Zucchini Bread Muffins, and Banana Bread with Maple Mascarpone. So, bake a cake and make your day!

Brunch Ideas with Breakfast Goodies

Buttery and moist breakfast treats can flare the flavor in your mouth. But, Oat Scones, Coffee Cinnamon Rolls or Dairy-free Cinnamon Rolls, Almond Glazed Cardamom Rolls, Biscuit Dough Bread with Vanilla, and Walnuts are a few of the easy breakfast ideas studded with nutrition and fun.

Fruity Breakfast Ideas

Easy, delicious, dairy-free fruity breakfast ideas can fill the tangy, zingy taste on your morning plates. Raspberry Breakfast bars studded with berry bites and Oatmeal laden layers. Berry Bruschetta with Whipped Yogurt spread and Citrus Salads are some of the fruity punch to your mornings.


To maintain a healthy lifestyle, one must adapt to a nutrition-filled breakfast regime. But at the same time, keeping the nutrition consumption in balance is equally significant, especially when it comes to breakfast. Eating cautiously on an empty stomach can prevent you from various health issues and keep you fresh and healthy for the long run.

Must-Try Fancy Breakfast Recipes