Flat White and Latte are the most ordered espresso drinks in cafes all around the world, but let’s see what’s the difference between them and why they are so popular everywhere.


Flat White


Flat White is a coffee that consists of steamed milk and it is espresso-based. Therefore, it is the ideal option for those who are searching for a strong dairy beverage with an enhanced coffee flavor and foamy layer.



A latte is an espresso-based beverage made with 1-2 espresso shots and heated milk. It is very mild in taste. Instead of having 1-2 espresso shots, a good quantity of steamed milk is added which makes the bitter taste of coffee balanced and tasty. It had a thin layer of foam on top of it.

Is Flat White Stronger Than Latte?

The answer is yes! Flat White is stronger than Latte because it has an intense taste of coffee than milk, that’s why it is a stronger drink, unlike Latte. It is also considered stronger than Latte, as it contains more caffeine; consisting of two shots. So, clearly Flat White is stronger than Latte!

Flat White Vs Latte! Differences of Making Them at Home!


Making Flat White at home is not an easy task but the good news is, it is still possible! To get a foamy texture for your Flat White; Milk Steam Wand is the best choice. The best thing is that milk steam wands are available in some models of espresso machines, which you can buy for home use. In order to practice latte art, do invest in a good “>Moka pot, then all you need is only hot milk. You can heat the milk on a stovetop or in a microwave as per your preference. For having a perfect cup of Latte, it is best to have a frother, because Frothers make a lot of foam.

So, it is rightfully said that Lattes are simpler and easier to make at home than Flat White!

How to Serve Flat White and Latte?

You can enjoy Flat White in both hot or cold formats. But it tastes best when served with ice, as the ice provides Flat White with a more fluffy texture! A Flat White is usually served in a ceramic cup with a saucer.


Latte is always served in glass tumblers, be it at a cafe or home. It is not served in a cup or a mug! Lattes tasted great in both ways; hot and cold. Usually steamed fairly hot Latte is preferred by everyone but if you are in the mood for an iced drink, iced lattes are smooth and extremely refreshing.


The Origins of Flat White and Latte

Flat White is said to have originated from Australia. It dates back to the 1980s, since those years, it popped up on menus in the US, UK, and everywhere else around the globe. Now it is considered a specialty cafe standard.

Thousands of years have passed since coffee was first served with warm milk. The word Latte started to be used in the late 1980s. Latte is thought to have originated in Italy and is a common morning drink made with an Italian espresso maker- with a shot of coffee.

Which One is Better?


Both the coffees are absolutely divine! But there are some differences in their taste and presentation. But if you are fond of the coffee that gives you a strong taste of espresso but with a creamy mouthfeel of steamed milk, then Flat White is a great choice! Lattes are more mellow and better for times when a cup of warm milk sounds great.

So, none is better than each other, both are just perfect! Choose them as per your preference. A strong coffee lover would go for Flat White, while the one who loves more milk in their coffee will go for Latte!

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