Grand Marnier, a French-origin drink that is famous for being a red ribbon drink. Or you may call it the Cordon Rouge. It’s an orange-flavored Liqueur known for the sophisticated taste that it gets from the combination of Triple Sec and Cognac. Grand Marnier is considered to be a top-shelf drink. In other words, it is expensive to buy. Thus we thought of introducing you to some Grand Marnier Substitute that you can drink when craving a glass of Grand Marnier.

FUN FACT: One amazing fact about this astounding drink is that it was served on the Titanic ship as well. This was confirmed when a bottle was found after the wreckage.

Taste Of The Great Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier has such an exquisite taste that one can fall in love with it easily. If you love oranges, you’re sure to love Grand Marnier as well. It tastes like an orange-based Brandy with a pinch of vanilla beans and oaks. It’s heavy and has a very complex flavor as compared to other orange-flavored drinks.

Grand Marnier Substitute

This drink has a fine taste, and you’re sure to get the hang of it once you get a sip. However, as mentioned above, this drink is a little expensive, and not everyone can get their hands on it.

If you’re feeling fancy and have the cash, you may go for the Grand Marnier itself. However, if you want something that tastes like it and doesn’t cost you a lot, we’ve got you covered. Following are some of the commonly consumed Grand Marnier Substitute that you can enjoy:

Triple Sec

Triple Sec, which is also an ingredient in the Grand Marnier, also makes an excellent substitute for it. It’s colorless and has a very bitter-sweet taste that comes from the orange peels. Triple Sec is used in several cocktail recipes. So, whenever you want Grand Marnier, you can try Triple Sec for the same kick.


You’re going out somewhere fancy and are in a mood for a fancy drink but just not Grand Marnier; you can always order some Cointreau. It has a sweeter taste but does the job well. Cointreau is also an orange-flavored liqueur that is combined with beet sugar. It has 40 percent alcohol.

Orange Extract

For the people who don’t like alcohol in their drinks, Orange extract is the perfect Grand Marnier substitute as it tastes just the same. In addition, the orange extract is highly concentrated; thus, a few drops of it in your drink can do the job. You can mix the orange extract with simple soda water or add them to different flavored drinks to enjoy the punchy flavor.


Another amazing Grand Marnier substitute is Curacao. Curacao is available in several varieties in the market. The most commonly used type for drinks is Blue Curacao. Just add orange extract or orange peel to it directly, and this should do the trick.

Other than drinks, Grand Marnier is also famous for its use in several dishes to enhance their flavor. So, if a recipe calls for Grand Marnier, you can easily choose and use any of the above-mentioned Grand Marnier Substitute in your dishes.

The Smash Cocktail; Grand Marnier Recipe


  • 10 pcs Mint Leaves
  • 4 pcs Lemon Wedges
  • 1/2 ounce Grand Marnier or its substitute
  • 1 ring Lemon
  • Lots of Ice


  • Add the Mint Leaves and Lemon to the cocktail mixer and shake
  • Now add in the Grand Marnier or a substitute along with Ice and shake it well
  • Once the drink is ready, strain it over an ice glass and pour it into your serving glass
  • Garnish with Lemon and Mint

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