A Soldier’s Experiment

Sitting outdoors is so much fun, having casual conversations as the gentle breeze gushes by. The pandemic has made us all a little uncomfortable about being locked indoors. It’s time we cherish each other’s company and say it all out. The story of Hennessey cocktails began in 1765 when Richard Hennessey (an Irish man) created this cognac. He had served in the army of Louis XV as an officer. The interesting bit is although being Irish, and he formed this brandy in Cognac, France. It reached the United States in the year 1794 and got bottled in the 18th century.


Hennessey, the company, has always taught art and culture in its creations. The brand has now collaborated with the rapper A$AP Ferg and a Chinese artist named Yang Yongliang. The family legacy has continued with the seventh and eighth generations now taking the company to new heights.

The Cognac

Just to kill the curiosity of many, let’s talk about cognac. It is simply grape brandy having a higher alcohol percentage due to its extended aging process. Cognacs are categorized according to the resting time they spend in the barrels. Three basic forms are

  • V.S- Very Special or three stars has rested for two years
  • V.S.O.P-Very Special Old Pale or Reserve has aged for four years
  • X.O- Extra Old has been in the barrique for six years.

What Makes Hennessey So Special?

The Hennessey cognac goes through a meticulous process before it becomes the liqueur we long for. It uses Ugni Blanc grapes which are native to the Cognac region. Once pressed, the grape juice is fermented with yeast converting the sugar of the juice to alcohol. A double distillation process is followed, raising the alcohol level to approximately 70%.

Last but not least, the distilled liquid is stored in cases where it interacts with the wood bringing down the alcohol level to 40%. The specialty of this blend lies in maturity.

The common flavor is velvety smooth with notes of oak and vanilla, something like burnt wine fruity and spicy yet chocolaty.

Versatile Blends

Hennessey has taken a step up beyond the regular classification of cognacs such as Hennessey’s;

  • V.S
  • Classivm
  • Black
  • X.O
  • X.X.O
  • V.O.S.P Privilège
  • Richard Hennessey
  • Hennessey Paradis

A Hennessey bottle costs between $26.71 to $115.49, depending on the quantity and size.

The Party Scene/Stalking Hennessey

Now that we have all the info we need let’s grab a few bottles and try to mingle up some Hennessey Cocktails.

Bramble Cocktail-The Enchanter


This pretty lady is clad in bright red color for your pool party. She grasps about 40ml of Hennessey V.O.S.P Privilège, around 15 ml of freshly squeezed lemon, a dash of black currant liqueur, and 15ml of simple syrup. Then, whips the magic wand and makes a tiara of berries.

Bramble is ready to leave you spellbound with her zest this springtime.

Hennessey Guava Cocktail- The Girl Next Door


In for a refreshing cocktail!

Get your Hennessey Very Special bottle and pour in 1.5 oz in a shaker with loads of ice. Now get shaking, then dispense it in your favorite cocktail glass. Next, throw in some muddled strawberries and lime wedge and drizzle around 2 oz of guava juice. This sparkling orange-colored cocktail with a contrast of red strawberries is a sight for your eyes.

Its fruity and sweet taste makes it a breezy and vibrant summer drink.

French 75 Cocktail- The Breakup Drink


Whether you’re still in love or currently heartbroken, a glass of champagne knows the pain. So to top it up, get 1.5 oz of your favorite brandy Hennessey Very Special, add simple syrup around 0.5 oz and finish it up with some lime juice and garnish with a lemon twist.

The champagne bubbles will keep your spirits high as you gulp through the woody and nutty reality of Hennessey. The French 75 Cocktail knows exactly where to hit you.

Incredible Hulk Drink- Awakening the Superhero


That’s quite an intriguing name, ain’t it! Well, the bright green color is even more relatable.

It is also known as the ‘manly’ drink because it was created to counter the blue color of Hpnotiq, which was once considered a ladies’ drink. Now this one is pretty simple just mix equal parts of Hpnotiq and Hennessey in a broad glass, and don’t forget the big ice cubes.

Just splurge into a pitcher full of this concoction getting the fruity tone of passion fruit and mango, as well as the vanilla and oak notes of Hennessey. It’s a must-have for your superhero theme party.

The Happy Buzz

Let’s make use of our outdoors and serve the Hennessey Cocktails along with some scrumptious bites to devour. So heat those grillers and prepare barbeque or cut fruits to enhance the cocktail experience. Don’t forget cheese platters and crackers with some homemade dips.

Bring the house down with the vibrant colored cocktails, fun food, laughter, and lots of gossips!

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