We all have a special place for wines and other types of alcohol in our hearts, however, for the people like me, margaritas rule out everything. So, for the love of margarita, I always tend to try out different and exciting flavor combinations. Today’s special on the list is the gorgeous Hibiscus Margaritas. Wait till you taste the, wow! Ideal.


Origins of Margaritas

There are several stories about where exactly was margarita originated from, but no one is sure about which one is true. However, the most heard theory is that it was created at a restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico, by Carlos Danny Herrera in 1938. He created a margarita for a customer who was supposedly allergic to all hardcore alcohol except Tequila, and he desired to have something more than a shot.

The popularity and success of this Hibiscus Margarita certainly crowns up the invention of margarita.


Hibiscus Margarita

Hibiscus Margarita comprises 100% agave tequila, a hint of orange liqueur, and lime juice but the ‘WOW’ factor about this drink is its color and the delicious sour-sweet flavor. It gives the margarita an epic lemony tart, sweet, fresh, and cranberry-like flavor. On top of which, cranberry enhances the color and makes it hard for you to forget this loveliest delight.

The most interesting part of this cocktail is that it is a tea-based cocktail, which means it is healthy. Hibiscus Tea in the concentrated form serves as the primary ingredient of this cocktail, it further includes water and any kind of sweet you prefer. The process of making the tea is easy and quick.

Hibiscus Flowers

  • Hibiscus margarita flower is famous for its beautiful and exotic color. This patent color that Hibiscus flower adds to beautify margaritas takes up a detailed process of drying out the flower. As a result hibiscus offers its deep dark purple color for margaritas. They are easily available at any grocery store; however, the best quality is the organic dried hibiscus flowers.
  • You can either find the dried flowers as a whole petal or cut and sifted. I would suggest you use the cut and sifted one, as it yields more flavour.

More Reasons to Love Hibiscus Margarita?

  • It is easy to make, and you just need a few ingredients.
  • Provides the epic blend of fruity, sour and sweet flavour with the touch of tequila.
  • Serves perfect for dishes like chips, salsa, mushrooms etc.
  • Lastly, it is BEAUTIFUL!

Pro Tips

  • Make sure you do not stir the cocktail and instead shake it properly.
  • You must shake the ice and cocktail until the shaker is as cold as ice because the drink is mixed well.
  • Add the crushed dried hibiscus flowers in the salt and rim it around the glass to give it the extra flavour and look.

Ingredients To Prepare

  1. Tequila: A silver tequila is preferred for hibiscus margarita.
  2. Dried Hibiscus Flowers: You can easily find hibiscus tea or dried hibiscus flowers from grocery or online stores. Both tea or dried flowers can work.
  3. Agave Nectar: Tequila and Agave go hand in hand; however, if you are short on Agave, you can simply use any syrup or honey.
  4. Cointreau: This is typically used in margaritas which gives the ‘wow’ factor to the cocktail. However, it is up to you whether you want to use it or not.
  5. Lime Juice: The extra effort needed to extract fresh lime juice is all you need to make the most refreshing margarita.

How to Make it?

  • Mix all the ingredients other than salt and lemon juice in a shaker and shake well.
  • Put ice in the glass, decorate the rims of the glass with salt if you desire and then pour the cocktail.
  • For beautification, garnish it with some lemon slices.

Some Delicious Recipes You Must Try With the Hibiscus Margarita