What is Smoked Ham?

Smoked Ham is a delicious yet flavourful barbecue preparation of Ham! Seasoned with salt and spices, it is cooked slowly and steadily on a smoker grill. The smoking is done in a chamber called klin. Smoked Ham is the perfect dish to make and serve at a festive or any gathering! Its smoky flavor is the stealer of the show, and everyone loves it! So it’s the winter season; surely it is the best time to smoke a ham!

Do you have the leftovers of Smoked Ham and don’t want to waste it, so you keep it in the fridge, but you don’t know how long smoked ham lasts? No worries! We will tell you how long smoked Ham stays good and share a few tips to store it in the fridge!

How Long Does Smoked Ham Last In The Fridge?

Well, the answer varies on the different types of ham! If you have bought ham which is already smoked- then it can stay good in the fridge for 3-5 days. Smoked ham, however, if kept in the fridge can last for around 2 weeks it hasn’t been opened. If you have kept the smoked ham in an airtight container or box- it will stay good for 5-7 days!

So,  no matter which type of smoked ham it is- it can stay in the fridge for 7 days easily! If the ham is vacuum-packed, it may be kept in the fridge for a couple of weeks!

Storing Tips for Smoked Ham In The Fridge

When you have leftover food that’s when the magic of storage comes in! By storing the Ham properly you can make it last for a longer time- that means you don’t have to throw away your absolutely delicious smoked ham! So let’s learn some tips.

  • The most essential thing to remember is to wrap the ham carefully, whether it is cooked or uncooked, to ensure that it is well preserved!
  • Wrap the ham in plastic wrap or store it in an airtight container, but if it is in a vacuum seal then it is better. Using aluminum foil is also a good option!
  • Before, keeping the ham in the fridge makes sure that it is cool- it is for food safety.
  • Try to keep the ham at the back of the fridge- it stays safer there!
  • Another tip to store smoked ham in the fridge is to cut it into pieces- keep it in an airtight container and then keep it in the fridge!

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How long can you keep fully cooked smoked ham in the fridge?

A fully cooked smoked ham can stay good in the fridge for 5-7 days. Always wrap the ham properly before keeping it in the fridge!

How long does it take for the smoked ham to go bad?

If the smoked ham is kept properly in the fridge- covered properly, it will stay good for 5-7 days or as mentioned on the packet. After these days, it is better to first properly check and smell the ham- if there are any changes like the strong or funky smell or change in the texture of the ham, then throw it right away- it has gone bad!

How to know if the smoked ham is bad?

To check if the smoked ham is bad, taste a little piece of it- the taste will tell if it’s still good or has gone bad. You can also check the texture and smell of ham- if it is slimy, dull, and tastes bad, it is definitely bad. Another way is that the meat will start turning into a grey color from pink, which means the ham is spoiled. Discard the smoked ham right away if you experience any of these situations!

So, store your leftover smoked ham in the fridge using the above-given storage tips for the mentioned period!

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