Cheesecake is a delicious and sweet dessert and a good choice for hosting a small party. But what if a large portion of the cake piece is left on your counter? How will you store it? How long is cheesecake good for? This article is here to answer your queries in detail.

How Long Is Cheesecake Good For?

Dairy products like cream cheese and eggs are used in cheesecake. These ingredients are delicate so, and can not keep their freshness for long. Below we have mentioned the general storage period for cheesecake.

Type of CheesecakeRefrigeratorFreezer
 Past Printed DatePast Printed Date
Fresh Cheesecake is good for5-7 Days2-3 Months
Homemade Cheesecake is good for5-6 Days1-2 Months
Frozen Cheesecake is good for5-6 Days2-3 Months
Cheesecake is good for5-7 Days2-3 Months

Tips to Store Cheese Cake!

Wrap Tightly With Cling Film

You can use plastic film to wrap the cake slices. When you tightly wrap the remaining cake, it keeps the minimum amount of moisture and saves the cake from picking up the flavors from other food in the fridge.

Use Airtight Container

Using an airtight container is a good idea to store cheesecake. It keeps the cake fresh and delicious. It is a perfect substitute for freezer bags. People also use resealable bags to preserve cake slices. But an airtight container is a better option than this. If you want to store it in the container, wrap it in plastic film.


Whether you have bought the cake from the store or you have made it at home, immediately keep it in the fridge until you want to eat it. It is not safety keep it at room temperature for long.


You can also freeze it to extend its life. It will be safe to eat. Follow the below tips if you are planning to freeze it.

  • Take the aluminum paper and tightly wrap the individual slices
  • You can use the plastic film as well to freeze
  • For defrosting the cake, put it in the fridge overnight. You can place the cake at room temperature for 20 to 40 minutes in case of immediate use
  • Freezing can preserve the cake for three months, but the recommendation is to finish it in less than one month

Does Cheese Cake Go Bad?

Cheesecake is packed with dairy products and has a short shelf life. If you leave it on the counter for a few hours, it will stale quickly. We have mentioned the few signs below to tell you if your cheesecake is edible or not.

Aging: The fresh cheesecake is always fresh, soft, and mellow. Even the edge of it is smooth. In contrast, the stale cake will become crusty, and the edges start splitting. The topping and cheese will also go off-taste.

Foul Smell: The stale cheesecake gives a foul smell. For confirmation, you can sniff the cake for freshness and should instantly throw the cake away if you get the smell of stale dairy products. The oozing liquid from the cake is a sign of bacteria contamination. 

Discoloration: The first look of cheesecake is enough to tell about its freshness. When it becomes stale, it loses its freshness and turns its color into unpleasant yellow. It may have some grey spots. The color change is a sign of bacterial activity, and a little piece of that cake can make you sick.

Mold: If you leave the cake at room temperature for more than 2 hours or keep it in the fridge uncovered, mold spores form on it. It is a sure sign of a stale cake.

Cheesecake at room temperature easily attracts bacteria. Mold spores cake is not edible.

Tips for Cheesecake Lovers!

  • Freeze the cake without any topping. If you want, add before serving
  • You can use frozen cottage cheese or frozen ricotta cheese in the cake
  • For defrosting the cake, put it in the fridge overnight.


How Long Is Cheesecake Good for in the Freezer?

A maximum of 2-3 months

How Long Is Cheesecake Good for in the Fridge?

For about 5-6 days

How to Store Cheesecake in the Fridge?

You can use plastic wrap or foil to store it in the fridge

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