In this article, we will check out some tips, tricks, and perfect ways on how long to grill brats.

Summers are the most awaited time of the year; every age group gets excited in summers as they can enjoy many activities that are impossible to perform in cold winters. Seaside picnics Bar. B.Q, parties, family gatherings, camping, and many more. All these exciting and chilling activities can be done in summer.

Every family or friend circle has at least one bratwurst expert. These experts gain that title by understanding some basics to serve perfectly grilled brats, and you can learn those tips too. You can be one of those experts in the family that takes over the party and satisfies the appetite of every person in the party or family.

Grilling Brats on a Gas Grill

Here is a step-by-step guide; by following these steps, you can achieve your goal to be an expert on grilling brats. And serve those juicy and delicious brats with perfectly maintained temperature.

Types of Brats That Are Perfect for Grilling

To serve juicy brats, purchase them from your local butcher, as these brats are freshly prepared and contain all the juicy texture you need; these brats come in regular wrapping butcher paper.

Never purchase brats that come in foam trays, cardboard containers, and plastic wraps because mostly these brats are frozen, and they lose the juiciness of fresh meat; if you have no other option, you may increase seasoning makes these brats close to the fresh ones.

My personal favorite is the Artisan Brats that possess a European flavor which makes them one of the tastiest, juicy, and wildly delicious. Of course, every brand has its quality of brats, and you can buy them according to your budget, but if you don’t want to compromise on the taste and want that satisfying praise from your guests, buy local brats, this would be the most juice and satisfying option.

Start by Cleaning Your Grill

Always ensure before grilling to clean your grillz, because a new griller may have residues and dust settles in the cooking grates that can pollute your food, and all your efforts can go in vain. Also, ensure to clean your grill after a barbecue session, making it easier to use next time you want to enjoy your grilling.

Once you are done cleaning your griller, you can initiate an exciting grilling experience.

Steps to Grill Finely Cooked Brats

Let’s ponder upon this step-by-step guide, by following which you can have well-done brats with juicy flavors packed inside. I will also state some myths and mistakes that are very commonly practiced while grilling. By avoiding those mistakes and misconceptions, you can have a pleasant and satisfying grilling experience.

Step 1: Heat Your Griller

The first step after cleaning your grill is to heat it properly, and here gas grills differ from other grills. Before igniting them, you have to ensure that the tank valve is open and gas is properly flowing with gas grills. While in charcoal grills, you have to lighten the coals and wait until the coals are well warmed.

To save your brats from overcooking and overheating, heat only one portion of the grill; by doing so, you can easily shift the cooked brats to the unheated portion, and your brats will still be warm until served.

Step 2: Steaming the Brats

People commonly mistake grilling brats before steaming them; doing so will ruin the taste and texture because brats have to reach a temperature as high as 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Reaching this temperature directly on a griller will either make brats dry, or they may lose their shape.

Steam your brats in onion or any other side sauce or liquor or your preference, and this method will retain the juice and flavor of brats and give you the best results after grilling.

Step 3: Brushing the Griller

Oiling your grill will add a crispy and smoky texture to the brats; the tip is not to use too much oil to avoid dripping. You can use any type of oil; just avoid using olive oil as it has a low smoke point.

Step 4: Place Brats on the Grill

After your grill is nicely done and maintains a nice temperature, place brats on it vertically at an exact distance so they can cook evenly. Ensure to put all your brats at once; it will help you keep the cooking track.

Step 5: Grilling Time

There is no perfect time for grilling brats, and it mainly depends upon the temperature of our griller, weight, and size of your brats. Choose a nice pair of tongs as they will serve you as your friend while grilling using tongs; gently flip and reposition brats from time to time and let them cook for 15 to 20 minutes on average.

The tip here is to trust your eyes, not the clock; if you see brats are done, take them off heat, don’t overcook them. When you notice a dull reddish-brown color of your brats along with just about wrinkle skin, take them off heat as they are perfectly cooked at this point. Serve them with any side dish you like.

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