Carbs or carbohydrates are the essential food nutrients and abundant macronutrients in a biscuit. They are the primary source of fuel for your body.

The amount of carbs depends on the types and serving sizes of biscuits. If your question is about how many carbs are in a biscuit; this article is for you.

How Many Carbs Are There in a Biscuit?

Carbs Content in Plain and Buttermilk Biscuits

Popular Size of BiscuitsNet Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Sugar (g)Total Carbs (g)
1 Large43.551.52.2045.05
1 Regular25.860.91.3126.76
1 Small6.040.20.316.24

Carbs Content in Popular Types of Biscuits

Popular Types of BiscuitsNet Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Sugar (g)Total Carbs (g)
Cinnamon Raisin Biscuit33.361.212.6734.56
Whole Wheat Biscuit11.672.20.7813.87
Cheese Biscuit12.150.40.9012.55
Biscuit with Gravy42.861.19.3343.96
Lower Fat Plain or Buttermilk Biscuit10.550.41.6110.95
Water Biscuit2.770.10.012.87

Nutrition Facts of Carb

Carbs or carbohydrates are sugar molecules that are present in food and drinks. When you eat any food containing carbs, your body breaks it down into glucose. Glucose is a vital source of energy.

There are two types of carbs: simple sugars and starchy. Simple sugar is present in foods, like cake, biscuits, juices, etc. If you are a fan of cookies and biscuits and look for healthy choices, you should go for low-carb biscuits and cookies.

Top 5 Low Carb Biscuits & Cookies

Here we have the top 5 low carb biscuits and cookies recommendations for you.

HighKey Low Carb Birthday Cake Mini Treats

These mini bites are the perfect choice for a low-carb breakfast. They have only 2g of net carbs. If you are following low-carb diets, they are best for you.

The important part of these mini treats is that their taste is superb, and you will never know that they are low-carb and low-sugar snacks.

Rip Van Chocolate Hazelnut Wafer Cookies

It’s a crunchy treat that can satisfy your craving. A delicious and healthy snack to have without the guilt of sacrificing your diet plan.

A low-carb formula contains 4g of net carbs. Enjoy these delicious crunchy wafers without any fear!

Keto Crackers Zero Carb (Sea Salt)

If you are looking for the lowest net crab cracker, try Keto Crackers Zero Carb. It is a delicious and healthy snack enriched with fiber.

It contains 0 carbs which are perfect for your strict diet plan.

Highkey Low Carb Almond Flour Cracker

It’s a healthy, delicious, and savory snack with 2g of net carbs per serving. It’s a good choice for both adults and kids. 

Catalina Crunch Chocolate Vanilla Keto Sandwich Cookies

Get this perfect sweet treat with low-carb making. These tasty cookies are not just healthy but perfect for your diet plan too.

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