How To Be A Vegetarian In A Meat-eating Family

There is almost nothing as difficult as being a vegetarian in a meat-eating family. This is because your choice of being a vegetarian might be an extremely difficult one for the family to accept. However, making your family members realize that your decision is personal and beneficial will go a long way.

The choice of becoming a vegetarian might be really difficult for your meat-eating family members to accept. This is because a lot of people see vegetarian meals as being less nutritional.

However, as a vegetarian, you should know that perception is wrong. Despite this, it will take extra effort to help your family members understand your decision.

How to be a vegetarian in a meat-eating family

These points listed below will help you gain confidence in your choice of becoming a vegetarian. Also, it will help you retain a strong bond with your family members despite the differences in diet.

Constantly eat together as a family

The fact that you are a vegetarian should not make you have a separate meal time from your family. Eating together as a family is important. It will prevent other members of the family who are not vegetarians from feeling awkward. 


Arguments about your choice of food will come up once in a while. Once you are confident in the reasons for your decision, then you wouldn’t have a problem convincing family members about the health benefits and reasons for your choice.

Your reasons may not make them crave being a vegetarian too but certainly, it will make them understand your decision. More so, you will constantly receive support from them. This will keep you going on your journey. 


It’s important to make your family members feel comfortable about eating non-vegan foods around you. Be compassionate and don’t judge them or try to prove that you are living a healthier life by being a vegetarian. 

 Remember that it was a personal decision in the first instance and it will be easier for them to accept your decision if they do not feel judged as well. 

On the contrary, if you choose to judge them it will give them even more reasons to make you feel your choice of being a vegetarian is a wrong one.

Get fully prepared

During family get-togethers or parties, having your dish prepared separately will go a long way. 

The person making the meal might forget that there is a vegetarian amongst the family. Also, they may not like to take the stress of making extra dishes. Thus, having your dish packed will save you from going hungry.

No judgments to the meat-eating family

The less you judge their options of diet, the less they will also want to judge you.  So, make their idea a welcomed one.

Make vegan friends

You should spend more time with people who are vegans like you because there may be some form of discouragement coming from your non-vegan family members.

 Having an association of vegan friends where you set challenges for yourselves will boost the confidence that you all have towards achieving a more effective vegetarian journey.

Learn how to make Vegetarian meals

In cases like this, it helps to know how to prepare your food because you can simply walk into the kitchen and make your food by yourself. 

Expect days when your family members will choose to make meals for themselves alone and you will have no other option than to either walk into the kitchen to make your meal or join them.

Look for meals that everyone can eat

There are certain meals that both members of the meat-eating team and the vegetarian team can eat comfortably without issues.

 So, look out for these meals from time to time and enjoy the same meal with other members of the family.  This will help reduce the way your decision to become a vegetarian will be questioned.

Reach out for connections

It is difficult going on the journey alone, so if your circle of friends is non-vegans, you can decide to reach out to more people online. 

There are sites and youtube channels that can help and joining these platforms will make your journey less stressful.

Also, social media channels can come in handy in building great connections and organizing events. This will make your vegan journey more eventful and fun.

Benefits of being a vegetarian

If you have chosen to become a vegetarian then you have made a very wise choice because not only is it a good decision for your health, it is also a very helpful and healthy decision for the environment.

Reduction of toxic chemicals in the body

The choice to become a vegetarian will help you reduce the number of toxic chemicals you have built up in your body due to the high intake of fruits and vegetables in the body and certainly, it will result in a more healthy body and an increased lifespan.

Lesser risk of stroke and obesity

As a vegetarian, you have a lesser risk of experiencing stroke or obesity. Obesity often occurs from overeating unhealthy meals which is something that following a vegan diet will help you avoid. 

A glowing skin

Fruits and vegetables are beneficial to the skin. A vegetarian diet gives room for the consumption of more fruits and vegetables and certainly, this means a great skin improvement. 

A strong heart health

The choice of food we eat has a strong way of improving our health, the meals contained in a vegetarian diet contain lower cholesterol and of course reduces the risk of getting a heart attack. 

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