College life is already prone to academic and learning challenges and not being to find proper eating options only add to the quest. People mostly are not familiar with the vegetarian lifestyle and the benefits it provides to overall well-being, therefore we see a lack of vegetarian eating options at several places. On the other hand, most colleges also make it compulsory for students to stay in the dormitory especially in the first year and that means you might not be allowed to make your own food. 

Keeping the above in consideration, today we will be looking into a few tips on how to be a vegetarian in college.

How to Be a Vegetarian in College

TIP: If your college doesn't allow you to cook meals, it's a wise idea to be on the lookout for the restaurants close to your college where you can easily get vegetarian meals. 

For now, let’s be positive, and imagine that we have the liberty to decide on our meals at the college. Below are a few tips that will certainly help you live a healthy and better life while being at college.

Make Snacks a Better Option

Some healthy protein snacks will help out a lot in keeping you satisfied all day as a vegetarian college student. Thus, check for snacks that are filling and are also of a high nutrient value, then stick to those. There is a great probability that you may not be allowed to prepare your meals and that means you might not get satisfied but those snacks will be beneficial to you.

Try to Cook Your Food

It’s great if you have an option to make your meals yourself. The choice of making your meal will provide you with great satisfaction while eating. You might have to go out of the campus to shop for ingredients and groceries, nevertheless, cooking your own meal provides you the control over what you eat and helps satisfy your taste buds.

Remain Active and Exercise

Exercising is important for vegetarians. As a college student, it may be difficult to get exercise frequently because of your busy school schedule.  However, you can still meet up with the required fitness routine by choosing to walk to the classroom instead of taking a bus. Short exercise routines complement a plant-based diet lifestyle. Here are more reasons why exercising on a vegetarian diet is important.

Get a Refrigerator

As a vegetarian in college, you must try to get a refrigerator for yourself, so that you can store vegetables and fruits. And since you have a refrigerator, you should consider buying in bulk, which ultimately saves your time and money. Luckily, now you can even buy a mini-sized fridge that is cheaper in cost and can easily get adjusted into your college space.

Consume Lots of Water

Staying hydrated is very important for everyone including Vegetarians. Consider getting a reusable water bottle that you can easily walk around with and instead of buying bottled water all the time. By doing this, you can save some time and money while keeping your body hydrated and strong all day.

Consume Meat Substitutes

The fact that you have stopped consuming meat doesn’t mean you cannot add protein-like feelings to your meals. There are several meat substitutes that you can use to improvise your meals. Some of these meat substitutes include seitan, tofu, lentils, chickpeas, and many more.

Look Out for Vegetarian Clubs

While on campus, join clubs and activities that support your vegetarian journey.  This will improve your choices on the healthy vegetarian meals to choose from. Also,  if there is none in your school you can choose to start one and find people who may be interested.

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