This article is the dedication to all my veggies peeps and the people who are looking to adapt to a more vegan diet. Today, I will be sharing with you the tips and tricks on how to be a vegetarian on budget. So, stay tuned and this article will be a tipping point in your vegan journey.

Tips on How to Be a Vegetarian on Budget

Buy Groceries at Cheaper Market

Cost-effective grocery planning is always a great idea. We all plan for the groceries, so why not plan for the market that we opt to buy groceries from as well? Here is a cheat sheet that provides a list of some of the cheapest stores in the United States.

Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk certainly inclines our purchase to quantity discounts. Be it chickpeas, black beans, soy milk, or any other item on the grocery list, bulk buying saves you a lot of money and time as well, so that you don’t have to rush down to the grocery store when you need to cook something for yourself.

Grow Your Own Veggies

This one is my favorite; firstly it saves you hundreds of dollars, and then it saves you time since you don’t have to go shopping when you need to consume vegetables. Apart from all the convenience, nutrients, oxygen, and freshness, homegrown veggies provide; it’s not that difficult to grow your own vegetables.

Pasley, rosemary, thyme, basil, and cilantro are some of the examples of veggies that can be easily grown in your backyard. In addition, nothing beats adding plants to make your life more colorful.

Prepare Your Own Vegan Food Rather Buying It

It may not be convenient all the time to make your own almond butter or cook beans and grains from dried versions, and we usually prefer buying canned products instead. However, preparing your own vegan foods at home is not only fun but takes you a step forward in your vegan journey. As they say, we are the product of what we do! 🙂

Although it takes time, it saves you money.

Prepare Extra Meals

If someone ever told you that cooking a meal in extra quantity is a bad idea, then they probably made too much to last them a year rather than a week?. But, calculated extra meals can save you both time, energy, and resources used in cooking again.

You must plan well while trying to prepare meals with additional quantities. For example; preparing additional meals that last for 3 days is a perfect idea. But, please be aware that you don’t cook too much, as I also don’t want the food to lose its essence.

You can also take the already prepared meal to your workplace so that you don’t have to buy lunch or breakfast.

Tip: Herbs like tofu or beans sprout go bad quickly, so you are better off making use of them and keeping the leftovers in a freezer

Choose Your Vegan Menu Carefully

I understand that it’s fun to try out every good recipe. But some recipes call for a lot of expensive ingredients. Sometimes, it’s okay to leave out some recipes especially when it comes to garnishing and spicing.

You can always go about trying out this fancy occasionally, but consistency is the key here. And I strongly recommend being consistent on your vegan diet to yield the best of the results rather than going the extra mile and breaking out the bank.

Looking For Vegan Dishes to Add to Your Menu? Try These!

I hope by now you must be aware of the tips on how to be a vegetarian on a budget. Try out these tips and let me know about your experience. Also, don’t forget to try out the above-mentioned vegan recipes; they are simply delicious.

Happy vegan journey, my friend!