When you crave some delicious snack and cookies and chips won’t fulfill it, tempting pizza rolls are the best choice to satisfy your craving! Surely, pizza lovers can’t get enough of these delicious bite-sized snacks filled with amazing flavors and extreme cheesy goodness. Pizza rolls are incredibly easy and a fun snack to have on any part of the day. When you are not in the mood to order a pizza, these pizza rolls hit the spot! If you want super crispy Pizza Rolls with all its cheese goodness, piping hot off the rolls-then cook them in the air fryer!

The best thing about cooking pizza rolls in the air fryer is that the frozen rolls will never turn soggy- even the saucy fillings won’t explode from your delicious pizza bites!

How to Cook Pizza Rolls in Air Fryer?

Let’s look into the method to cook pizza rolls in the air fryer!

  • Preheat your air fryer at 380°F- preheating the air fryer helps get the best and desired results.
  • Start placing the frozen pizza rolls on the trays or the air fryer’s basket. If it is hard to fit all the pizza rolls in a single layer, shake them well before cooking, so all the sides are cooked evenly, and it will stop the rolls from sticking together.
  • Air fry the rolls for 5 minutes, then flip or shake them for 2-3 minutes more. If you want the rolls to be extra crispy, then air fry them for a total of 10 minutes; but don’t air fry the rolls for more than 10 minutes, as they can get burnt, and surely you don’t want that to happen!
Tip: Serve the pizza rolls piping hot, and you can serve the rolls with extra pizza sauce and parmesan cheese for dipping!

Tips To Use the Air Fryer Perfectly

  • Do not overstuff the basket of the air fryer by stuffing a lot of pizza rolls in it. Overstuffing the air fryer means blocking the air circulation disturbed in the fryer. This may result in uneven cooked rolls.
  • To ensure that the pizza rolls are evenly cooked, you can take out the basket from the air fryer halfway through cooking and give them a good shake.
  • To enjoy the most of your pizza rolls, serve them piping hot! You can also serve these mini pizza versions with different sauces and dips!

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Are Pizza Rolls Good in the Air Fryer?

No doubt, an air fryer is the best option to cook your pizza rolls. When you cook pizza rolls in the air fryer- they turn out to be super crispy from the outside perfectly hot and melted from the inside. Using an air fryer is better and faster than using an oven or a microwave- it is quick and easy!

Can We Cook Frozen Pizza Rolls in the Air Fryer?

Yes! Frozen pizza rolls are easy to cook, never get soggy, and they turn out to be extra crispy!