No matter how you prepare them, chicken wings are a grand dinner to serve. At the grocery store, you can purchase cut-up and ready-to-cook chicken wings. However, these are more costly than complete wings. Sliced wings often cost 30 cents to 70 cents more per pound than entire wings.

Ultimate Guide for Cutting Chicken Wings

Equipments Required

  • A cutting Board
  • A sharp knife
  • Chicken wraps

To Cut Whole Chicken Wings

  • If you stretch the wing out, you’ll discover that it’s divided into three halves. The wingtip (also known as the flapper), the ringette (also known as the flap), and the meatiest region (also known as the brunette) are the three parts of the wing.
  • When cutting the bird, you’ll make two cuts. When you cut the one wing in half, you’ll end up with three pieces. In most recipes, they usually omit the wingtip. If you do not intend to make stock, put the wings in the freezer right away and make stock when you’re ready.
  • Stretch the chicken out on a chopping board, then turn the wing over so the internal portion faces up. When you position the wing this way, it’s quite easy to see the joints. The high ridge, or connection between the wingtip and the ringette, will be the first cut you’ll make.
  • Cut the tip and set it to the side. The suggestions can apply to the stock. Place them all in a zip-top bag and freeze them until you’re ready to use them. The second cut will separate the brunette and ringette.
  • Push your knife through the prominent ridge on the joint between the two parts with your knife. If there is a lot of resistance, wriggle the knife a little and press the knife down when there is less resistance.
  • You should have a neatly cut hairstyle. You now have pieces ready to use in your favorite recipe.

Pro Tips

  • Make sure the wings are completely dry before attempting. You don’t want to slip while cutting because the wings are slippery.
  • Make sure you have a razor-sharp knife in hand. It’s ideal to use a heavier knife, which is why I’m using a cleaver in these photos. Of course, you don’t need a cleaver, just a heavier knife; otherwise, you’ll have to rely on muscle power.
  • Cutting at an angle will aid in guiding the knife through the joint. If this is your first-time cutting chicken wings, start by moving the joint rearward until it pops, then cut the joint. This makes it easier to find the right area to cut.
  • Don’t hit the wing in the right spot with the knife. You’ll miss the mark and end up hacking your chicken wing to smithereens before you can pull it apart.
PRO TIPS: Don’t throw away the tips! Make broth with them! Save them in the freezer until you’re ready to create broth, or put them on to simmer while you finish up the rest of your dinner preparations.

How Do You Know When Chicken Wings Are Ready to Be Served?

Wings are thoroughly cooked through when their internal temperature hits 165 degrees, just like any other piece of chicken. A meat thermometer can check this.

To achieve the most exact results, stick it into the thickest section of the chicken wings, such as the meaty part of the brunette. You also want the skin of the chicken wings to be crispy. If you’re baking them, you can always turn your oven on high broil for the last few minutes to crisp them up even more.

How to Reheat and Store Chicken Wings Perfectly?

If you chop chicken wing parts but don’t cook them, they’ll last until the expiration date on the container you bought them in. You can refrigerate cooked chicken wings in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days. Then, reheat already cooked chicken wings in a 300 °F oven or an air fryer to crisp them up even more.


That is something to be respected! Work slowly and methodically, and always look before you cut—no quick movements with a knife in hand, or your food could be ruined!


What Section of the Wing Are You Going to Remove?

The pointed end is usually chopped off and discarded. But don’t toss it away. It can make broth or stock.

Is It Necessary to Cut Chicken Wings Before Cooking Them?

No, you can cook them whole, but this makes eating them awkward.

Is It Necessary to Remove the Skin From Chicken Wings Before Cooking?

Most individuals do not remove the wing’s skin before cooking it.

What Is the Definition of a Boneless Chicken Wing?

This is typically a piece of breast meat or tenderloin.