Today in this article we will look into how to cut green onions. They are also referred to as scallions, are much like the traditional onion in taste, but they differ in certain characteristics. Such as;

  1. They are sweeter
  2. Crisp in texture
  3. Have a very mild flavour
Green Onions are closely related to mini vegetables such as Garlic, Leeks, Chives, Shallots, etc. One of the ways to identify a Green Onion is that they have a small bulb that is underdeveloped. These bulbs have Green, hollow and tube-like leaves growing out of them.

How To Cut Green Onions?

Let’s look at the different ways to cut a Green Onion;

Before you start to cut green onions; you first need to remove any leaves that look dead or wilted. Once you’re done removing the dead Leaves, wash them under cold running water and remove any dirt stuck to them with the help of your fingers. If you want, you can pat dry them with a kitchen towel.

Types of Cuts

Round Cut

The round cut is the first type of cut. And to get a perfect round cut, you need to place your green onions on your cutting board, keep your knife straight and start cutting small circles. It is totally up to you whether you keep the round cuts small or long rod-shaped. Moreover, round cuts are mostly used in soups, garnishes, and of course Chinese/Asian recipes.

The 45-Degree Cut

This cut requires you to place your knife at a 45-degree angle or horizontal position. This cut is comparatively famous and fancier than others. You mostly find this type of cut in noodles, chowmein, Korean and Chinese foods, etc.

The Shredded Cut

This cut requires a shredder to make long, thin, and shredded pieces of green onions. You may use shredded onions for garnishing recipes like salads, and soups.


This is the easiest cut of all. Mincing a green onion is the same as mincing garlic or any other vegetable for that matter.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Always make sure you use a sharp knife. Not just these, but with any vegetable, make sure you have a sharp knife.
  2. To get a good hold on the onions, hold them tightly with your claws and be careful not to smush them. They may lose their firmness.
When buying green onions, make sure you buy the ones with firm leaves. They should not be wilted or have dead leaves, as this would mean that the entire bunch could go bad in a day or two. 

Health Benefits

  1. Prevents blood clots because of high amounts of Vitamin K
  2. Prevents cell damage
  3. Keeps your bones strong and healthy
  4. Has many antioxidants

And much more.

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That’s all from our side for today. Do try these cuts, and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments section below.