It’s time to beat the scorching summer heat!

One of the greatest pleasures of summer is eating cold watermelon straight from the refrigerator. Due to my love for this naturally hydrating, ultra-refreshing fruit, I always prefer cutting it by myself. Why? Because it is inconvenient, plus you can tune this healthy fruit into any shape you want. And today, I am going to show you how to cut watermelon slices into any shape you want. It’s a really simple skill that can always come in handy.

Now I always have fresh watermelon on hand for a crisp cool snack on a hot summer day.

It’s activity time if you have kids at home. Allow them to express themselves creatively. For example, simply give them some cookie cutters and let them cut out their favorite shapes. In our house, stars and hearts are very popular.

Be aware! This activity is not for every age of kids, but above 10 years old.

So, before we move onto the topic of how to cut a watermelon, it’s important to understand that first you have to choose the right watermelon, as it shouldn’t be too much soft (over ripen) to be cut into a perfect shape.

How to Choose a Perfect Watermelon?

Choosing the right watermelon is one of the keys to enjoying its juiciness and balanced sweetness. Here are some pointers on how to choose the best watermelon.  

I prefer to pick up a few and examine them more closely. Look for one that has a matte surface and is heavy. Those are usually juicy.

How to Cut a Watermelon?

For me, the best way to cut a watermelon is into wedges or slices. Consider it a slice of summer. Watermelon wedges are the perfect finger food when the rind is left on (it’s extremely beneficial for health). I like how I can just grab one and eat it – no need for cutlery. It allows for more independent melon munching and, as a result, more summer fun.

Steps to Follow

  • Using a sharp knife, slice the watermelon in half lengthwise.
  • Place the watermelon halves on a cutting board and cut half lengthwise to make 4 quarters.
  • Now cut watermelon wedges from each quarter, flat-side down.
  • Repeat this process.
  • Plate up the wedges to serve immediately or freeze for red ice pops. Melon popsicles will be a hit with your kids. After all, happiness is cold watermelon.

Calorie Count and Nutrition

If you ever want to binge eat or crave sugar, a watermelon will do the trick without adding those extra calories that usually come with sweetness. A 100-gram serving contains only 30 calories.

Watermelons are a great snack option because they are high in nutrients and have many health benefits. For example, Vitamin A is found in abundance in watermelon, and just one medium slice provides 9-11 percent of your daily requirement. This nutrient is essential for maintaining the health of your eyes.

It is known to promote heart health, kidney health, relief from heatstroke, and it helps normalize blood pressure. 

Watermelons are made up of 94% water, lycopene, potassium, and various other nutrients. In addition, it contains fiber, which is an excellent source for aiding digestion.

How to Store Watermelons?

To store it, refrigerate sliced watermelon halves or slices in a zip bag once cut, or remove the rind from the watermelon and chop it up. Place on a baking sheet. Freeze for at least 30 minutes or until completely frozen.

TIP: Bacteria multiply rapidly when sliced watermelon is left out of the refrigerator. You can, however, leave the watermelon out for two hours and still eat it safely.

Watermelony Facts

  • It’s a unquestionably a superfruit, but here’s why you shouldn’t eat it late at night. Watermelon is slightly acidic, and consuming it at night may cause digestion to be delayed while the body is inactive.
  • The best time to eat watermelon is in the afternoon, around 12-1 pm when the digestion rate is high and active. 
  • Watermelons should have no serious side effects if consumed in reasonable amounts. However, if you consume an abundance of fruit on a daily basis, you may experience side effects from having too much lycopene or potassium.

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Is this a dessert? a snack? or something else, something delightfully in-between? Everyone can agree that watermelons are great, no matter how you cut them up. It’s easy to slice, and it’s guaranteed to bring a burst of freshness and a pop of color to the table every time you serve it.

Planning a summer picnic in the park? This could be an excellent addition to the menu. Simply freeze with a Popsicle stick and transport in an icepack! Isn’t that simple? Fresh, healthy, and super hydrating, not to mention summertime refreshing.