Does lobster tail fall on the list of your favorite foods? Of course, you might love it if you’re fond of eating seafood, especially crustaceans. Undoubtedly, the lobster tail is the most in-demand part of the lobster due to its scrumptious taste. Moreover, the firm and spongy meat in the tail is pretty rich in proteins.

According to the studies, the ASCI score of red lobster in the restaurants of the United States in 2021 was almost 77 amongst other dishes.

Apart from that, you can’t deny that you always struggle to know how to eat lobster tail like a pro. It’s not at all a child play to eat the lobster tail. You have to follow various steps in order to eat it perfectly.

How to Eat Lobster Tail?

Eating a lobster tail might be a bit of a time-consuming process as you need to move step by step. Once you remove the tail from the rest of the body, it’s easy to go. Here is the detailed guide for you;

Step 1: Wear the Napkin

Ensure that you wear a napkin before starting playing around with lobster; it’s an integral part of eating the lobster to avoid any stain on your clothes. Unfortunately, the process of eating the lobster is pretty messy. You have to deal with the juices flying at you while breaking the tail. Therefore, stick the piece of the cloth into the collar of your shirt rather than putting it on your lap.

Step 2: Detach the Tail from the Body of the Lobster

Once you have the freshly steamed lobster in front of you on the dining table, the very first step is to separate the tail.

You might be wondering how can you do so? Well, it’s quite simple! You only need to twist the tail in opposite directions with your hand. Make sure your one hand holds the body and the other one tail as you go for twisting. This will offer an easy and quick detachment. You may also use a knife to separate the two halves of the tail if you are eating in a restaurant. 

Step 3: Crack the Shell

For cracking the shell of the tail, hold a pair of shears in your hand and find the softer membrane under the tail. Then cut the skin slightly and pull the shell away. Finally, you’re only left with the meat portion. As you have separated the meat from the shell, you may throw it out.

Step 4: Get Rid of Intestinal Tract Present in the Tail

The step of removal of the intestinal tract is optional because it’s edible. However, most people don’t love to eat this portion as it does not taste much good.

Therefore, I think removing it is a better option. I’m sure you’ll never want to spoil the delicious taste of your food. What you need is just to grab the end of this vein and pull it out. Fortunately, some lobsters come with removed veins.

Perfect Way to Serve the Lobster Tail?

Once you are finished with the steps mentioned above, you might be wondering how to serve it? It depends upon your choice, but still, we’re here to give you some awesome suggestions.

  • You may simply use the butter as a sauce for eating the tail. You can dip the piece of meat in the butter and eat it. This will add a unique flavor to your food. Moreover, squeezing the lemon juice after dipping it in the butter will be a plus point.
  • The addition of the macaroni and cheese makes an excellent pair with the lobster tail. You may chop the lobster into small pieces and mix it in the macaroni and cheese with the help of your spoon. You’ll surely enjoy this great combination to your fullest.
  • Now, let’s come to the most favorable drink that you can pair with your lobster tail. Mainly, champagne is considered a versatile drink that suits almost all dishes.


Can You Eat Lobster Tails in Raw Form?

It’s not safe to eat it raw as it might contain bacteria. However, after it’s cooked, there are no harmful bacteria left.

How Is the Taste of Lobster Tail?

The lobster tail is slightly sweetish in taste. You may consider it the sweeter version of shrimp.

Is Frozen Lobster Fine?

Yes, the frozen lobster meat offers great flavor.


Finally, you are well aware of how to eat the lobster tail. You don’t have to struggle much while eating the lobster tail. There are just a few steps to be followed, and you’re finished with having a great dinner.

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