What are Mussels?

Mussels are a part of the seafood family. They come in a shell and are served in the same way. It can be a challenge to take the meat out of the shell in proper places or even at casual dinners. But worry no more! This article will answer your question of how to eat mussels the right way.

Usually, cooked and served in its shell, it leaves the person confused on how to open it and eat. There is a chance that your fingers might get sticky, or even some juice might drip on your shirt.

Mussels are eaten with broth, or they are served with seafood pasta. Both have different ways of eating. They are also served differently. You might also get Mussels as a snack without the broth or pasta; what to do then? let’s find out 🙂

How to Eat Mussels in a Formal Gathering or Fine Dining

It is, of course, necessary to know how to eat mussels in a formal gathering or fine dining. Or else you can embarrass yourself. So we will explain how to eat Mussels the right way step by step!

  1. Pick up the Mussel from the dish. Hold the shell in your dominant hand. Get a good grip of the shell on the bottom.
  2. The open side should be facing upwards.
  3. With the help of a fork in your other hand. Poke the meat inside the shell. It is probably stuck a bit to the shell. You need to pry it before pulling it out.
  4. With your fork, scrape around the bottom to get all the meat.
  5. Be careful not to hurt yourself with the fork.
  6. Dish with broth: Fill your spoon with the broth and put the Mussel from your fork on the spoon. Gulp it down in one bite. You can also take both separately. Take one spoonful of broth and one mussel alternately.
  7. Mussels with Pasta: First, take out the mussel with a fork, then use another fork to twirl pasta and take a bite of pasta and mussel alternately. You can also eat both in the same bite. With the same fork with mussels on, twirl some pasta and enjoy!
  8. Keep it on the separate bowl or plate provided to you for the empty shell.
  9. If no separate bowl or plate is provided for the empty shells, you keep it on the side of your plate.
  10. Don’t put the shells back on the communal plate (if eating with others)
  11. Eat mussels one at a time.

How to Eat Mussels at Home

If you are eating Mussels at home, you don’t have to be formal. But you still need to be careful to enjoy mussels at most.

  • Pick up the Mussel from a dish. Hold it with your dominant hand. Make sure the opening is facing upwards.
  • You can eat directly from the shell (because no one is judging you at home, right?)
  • You can directly eat it from the shell, but you still will have to pry it first with the help of a fork.
  • Put some broth in the shell.
  • Suck the Mussel and broth from the shell.
  • You will taste all the delicious juices this way. But make sure you get all the meat out.
  • Instead of a fork, you can use the shell itself to scoop it out.
  • Break the shell from the upside (the side you are not holding)
  • Use it as a spoon. Scrape out the meat from the bottom half of the shell.
  • Eat it in one bite.
  • You can use the empty shell as tweezers. Pick meat from other mussels with the help of these tweezers.
  • Scoop out all the Mussels before you start eating them; this is okay. It will also save time when you start eating.
  • Eating broth or pasta will be the same as mentioned in how to Eat Mussels in a Formal Gathering or Fine Dining points 6 and 7.


  • How do you know Mussel isn’t bad or rotten?

When buying Mussels, check by pressing the shell. If it closes completely, it is fresh. If it doesn’t close, it is bad.

  • What does a mussel taste like?

It has a sweet undertone, mushroom-like flavor.

  • How is a mussel cooked?

It is cooked under pressure in a high flame. Put it in a pot with water on a high flame and close the lid.

  • Are mussels safe for kids to eat?

Mussels are not safe for babies under 2 years of age.

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