The pandemic has been hard on everyone; having to stay in the house due to lockdowns turned into a nightmare. People could not meet their families, friends, colleagues, etc. However, it is relieving to see how widely the vaccination process has started and life has started to move back to normal. Now you often see beautifully laid out pictures of an aesthetic picnic while scrolling down through your social media.

But have you ever wondered how to throw one.? Aesthetic picnic is a perfect way to catch up with your friends/family/colleagues, while not breaking your bank.

Let us help you with planning your Aesthetic Picnic, and creating memories!

Picnic Lunch Meal Outdoors Park Food Concept

Picnic Spot; Choose the Spot Wisely

Finding your ideal spot for the picnic should be your top priority, as ambiance matters the most. You certainly don’t want any noisy or crowded places that would ruin the peaceful, breathtaking ambiance, and most of all “the pictures.

A beautiful park, beaches, or lakeside area are the best Aesthetic Picnic location. Imagine going for a picnic on a beautiful sunny day under a stunning, shady tree that will help you stay out of the direct sun along with keeping your food from melting; sounds mesmerizing, right?. If you know any secret spots close to your house, that would be the most ideal and convenient!

Picnic Etiquettes; Planning the Picnic

As good and pleasing as it sounds, remembering everything to plan for aesthetic picnics can be quite a hassle. Therefore, the best way to arrange a picnic is to divide the chores among friends or family, designate everyone something that they need to bring.

For example, one can bring drinks, and the others can bring snacks, blankets, towels, food, trays, flowers or dishes, etc.

Music; Be Smart, Not Loud

Music is really important for some group of friends or family, therefore, never forget your portable speaker. The friends can take turns so that everyone gets the chance to play their kind of music. However, because you are in a public place, be careful and mindful not to play your music too loud. Instead, sing your songs together and have a good time.

Picnic Snack; Tips, Tricks and Menu

It is advisable to pack food that is not hard to eat, easy to transport, and not too messy. If you have time on your hands, it is always fun to bring something you have made, such as a famous cookie recipe or a healthy and delicious salad recipe, homemade crackers, etc. Make it prior to the picnic and bring it along!

Here is the list of Best Picnic Snacks for you to choose from to spice up your next picnic;

Picnic Purchases; Don;t Break the Bank

Make sure you are not heavy on your pocket while planning your picnic, do not spend on easily breakable items or tend to get messy. Look for items that are cheap but beautiful looking for creating an aesthetic vibe. For example, buy cheaper plastic glasses and plates rather than bringing expensive and fragile cutlery from home. Nowadays, plastic glasses and plates come in beautiful styles and shapes; buy those. Spend less and enjoy more.

Tips on Having the Best “Aesthetic Picnic” Experience

Picnic is not just about food; you need to consider other important factors to make it aesthetic. On the top being, a good quality camera for Instagram-worthy pictures. After you have the food and camera, it’s time to look at the broader picture; your color scheme, the overall vibe, and some picnic props.

It is highly recommended not to add too many colors, or the pictures will look too busy. Instead, you can ask your friends to wear clothes that go well with your picnic spot. For example, if you are in a park, you can choose green (as the grass is green), white, and tans with a pop of maroon or red. For the Aesthetic look, you can use champagne or wine glasses and pour some chilled grape juice to pose with it.

You should choose the spot that is peaceful and has a breathtaking view or picture-perfect scenery. In order to add spice to your photos, you can choose timings such as sunsets and wow!! The pictures will turn out A M A Z I N G.


If you are confused about how to make your picnic more ‘Aesthetic’ or ‘Creative, scroll on your social media especially look at platforms such as Pinterest for some wholesome ideas and spice it up! Maybe you are in the mood for a French breakfast; buy some Baguettes or Pastries or make your recipes if you have time enough time.

I am sure this article helps you plan out an amazingly memorable aesthetic picnic. Do share your pictures and experience in the comments section below. I would be delighted to discuss your picnic experience. Ciao!