You have cooked (or bought) fried chicken and have leftovers? Wondering how to reheat fried chicken in the air fryer. With this simple yet effective process of reheating chicken in the air fryer, you don’t have to put up with soggy, and wet chicken any longer.

Reheating chicken in the air fryer makes it just as hot, crispy, and juicy as they were freshly cooked.

How to Reheat Chicken in Air Fryer?

  • Preheat the fryer to 375 degrees Fahrenheit / 190 degrees Celsius.
  • Line the air fryer basket with remaining fried chicken pieces in a single layer.
  • Fry for 4 minutes, shaking the basket halfway through.
  • Using a digital meat thermometer, check the chicken’s temperature; once it reaches 165F / 74C, remove and serve warm.

Tips to Reheat Chicken in Air Fryer Perfectly

  • Allow the chicken to settle and come to room temperature for 20 to 30 minutes for optimal crispiness
  • Ensure that the chicken is heated and warm throughout
  • Try reheating equal sized chicken pieces. You’ll wind up with an overcooked wing and a breast that’s still cold from the center if you reheat a breast and a wing together
  • Make sure the fryer’s basket isn’t too full. Place the chicken in the basket with enough space between them to allow the euqal heating
  • If the chicken pieces release oil after cooking, place them on a paper towel-lined dish, set aside, and allow the paper towel to absorb all the oil
  • Keep a close eye on the chicken while it’s reheating; 4 minutes is an average cooking time, but you may reheat it a bit more if you prefer or your chicken pieces are comparitively larger in size
  • Before putting your chicken in the air fryer, spray it with water if it appears to be dry
  • The temperature of an air fryer varies based on the type and model. Start with a shorter cooking time, check for doneness, and add more time if needed

Reheating Deep-Fried vs. Air-Fried Chicken

Because leftover deep-fried chicken has residual oil, this isn’t essential. However, if the chicken you’re reheating was air-fried, you might need a spray of oil. If reheating larger chunks of chicken, you’ll need a spritz of water or broth to add moisture and protect the chicken from drying out.


Crispy, crunchy, and juicy fried chicken is swiftly reheated in the air fryer. The leftovers will taste almost as nice as they did fresh from the air fryer.