Pizza is the handiest snack to order when we have friends over, or throwing a party and need something to munch upon. As everybody loves pizza, we usually order it in bulk; with the thought in mind that it can always be consumed later on.

However, if we have a habit of saving pizza for later, we must also know the best ways to reheat it, so that it doesn’t lose its juiciness or in other words; its pizzaness. Therefore, this article aims to equip you with the best of tips on how to reheat pizza in an air fryer.

Benefits of Reheating Pizza in Air Fryer

  • Air fryer takes less time than oven
  • Your pizza doesn’t go soggy and keeps it scrumptious self intact
  • Air fryer keeps the outside crust firm
  • It require lesser processing and cleaning time
  • Air fryers doesn’t emit heat that makes your kitchens warm
  • It works with all types of pizza, be it thin crust, thick crust, or homemade

How to Reheat Pizza in an Air Fryer?

  • Place your pizza slices over an aluminium foil so that the cheese from the pizza doesn’t stick to your air fryer’s tray. Don’t keep the slices one over another, as it might create a mixed up mess.
  • Sprinkle a bit of oil on each peace (its optional and helps in preventing the drying out of toppings)
  • Air Fry at 360°F/180°C for 3-6 minutes or until cooked to your ideal freshness. From several things that may impact reheating pizza in an air fryer; timing stands above all. You just need to air fry a slice of pizza for 3 minutes (preferred). However, you can reheat a minute more or less depending on how reheated you want your pizza to be.
  • Enjoy your pizza.

Chef’s Tips For Reheating Pizza In An Air Fryer Perfectly

  • The above tips are useful for 3.7 to 6 qt. air fryers. You might need to adjust the temperature if you have a bigger air fryer. Also, in case of large sized air fryer, try to place the place right in the center of the fryers; to ensure that your pizza is evenly heated
  • Frozen pizza should be heated 2-3 minutes more than the pizza that is kept in the refrigerator
  • If you’re reheating multiple slices of pizza, try to reheat same-sized slices at a time. Thick-crusts pizza takes somewhat longer than flimsy crusts
  • Try not to cover your pizza slices with any lid while reheating it as it might leave the pizza unevenly heated
  • Spread some garlic margarine or cooking oil on pizza’s crust before you put it in the air fryer. This will help keep the toppings intract
  • You can always add more seasoning to make your pizza feel fresh again
  • If your pizza becomes slightly brown in color and you still want to reheat is a bit more; bring down the temperature of your air fryer by 25°
  • If your air fryer is preheated, and you are aiming to reheat multiple batches of pizza; look out for the duration of heating in every round. For instance if you heated the first batch for 5 minutes, the next round you need to keep at 4 minutes and 30 seconds; depending on the size of your air fryer

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