Beef is the third most consumed meat globally after chicken and pork. A Brisket is a meatloaf extracted from the lower chest part of beef. Beef lovers worldwide consume this soft, tasty, tender, and juicy part of the beef in many dishes. Mostly it is used in the form of fillets.

How to Rest a Brisket

Brisket is worldwide famous meat for its softness and low cholesterol properties. So it is very important to have this meat in its best condition to get all the benefits and goodness. Follow these steps to perfectly rest the brisket.

  • Put the brisket in foil right after taking it off the grill or bringing it out of the oven
  • It is important to let the air come in by slightly opening the foil. Air is one the important elements that helps retain the moisture in the beef
  • Let the brisket wrapped in the foil for at least 1 hour. This allows the moisture and juices can be gathered back in the meat, and makes the beef tender and tasty.
NOTE: Preparation of smoked brisket takes a long time, however, it is important to let it rest for some time after cooking to attain the desired taste and texture.

Time Duration to Rest Brisket

It depends upon how long you want to wait for a brisket. Preferably the resting time should not exceed 2 hours. This duration is good enough to allow the juices to get back into the meat. So the longer we will give it rest, the better it will taste.

Why Is It Important to Rest Brisket?

Nobody can resist the tempting aroma of brisket when it is prepared. But it is very important to get all the benefits of brisket when you have already waited for it for so long. It takes almost 12 to 14 hours to prepare brisket from seasoning to cooking or grilling. So nobody will risk ruining the efforts by eating it right away. 

Eating brisket right after taking it out of the oven or from the grill top might ruin all your effort. This is because it takes some time to get all the juices back to the meat. You would not like your meat extra spicy and seasoned from the outside and raw from the inside. Therefore, let it rest for some time after you have prepared it.

The Nutritional Value of Brisket

Brisket has no carbohydrates and no fibers, and it is rich in fats and proteins. In an average of 3 ounces brisket, the nutritional value is 0 carbs, 0 fibers, 19.7 gm of proteins, and 21.8 gm of fats. This makes brisket ideal for people who like to avoid carbohydrates while adding more proteins to their diet to stay fit and healthy

The Benefits of Brisket

  • It offers high protein content that is very important for the growth and health of the body
  • Brisket offers a high healthy fat content that is important to keep your health on the right track
  • The use of brisket can lower the risk of heart disease because it does not have bad cholesterol


Can We Rest the Brisket in Coolers?

Yes, we can place briskets in the coolers by placing layers of towels below.

How Long Should We Rest on a Brisket?

It should be placed in a resting position from a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 2 hours.

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