There is nothing more satisfying than biting a sweet and juicy cantaloupe! But nothing is more disappointing when you cut a cantaloupe hoping that it will be juicy and sweet, but it turns out to be hard, tasteless, and inedible.

It is hard to tell and identify a good and ripe cantaloupe at the grocery store, and surely you don’t want to miss out on this amazingly juicy fruit! But, don’t worry, we will be sharing some easy and useful tips to check if a cantaloupe is ripe or not!

How to Tell if Cantaloupe Is Ripe?

Let’s learn some interesting ways to check if a cantaloupe is ripe and pick it like a pro! So without any ado, let’s jump to the ways and learn how to tell if a Cantaloupe is ripe:  

 Feels Heavy: One of the easiest ways to tell if a cantaloupe is ripe is that melon should be heavier than it looks. So when you go to buy this melon, just make sure you pick it up once to check if it’s heavy or not! If it is heavier than it looks, it is perfectly ripe- buy it!

Firm to Touch: Touch is another way to check if a cantaloupe is ripe! The surface of this melon should be firm like pineapple but not too hard like watermelon. So check the firmness of the Cantaloupe to check if it is ripe!

Fragrant Smell: Ripe cantaloupe has a pleasant and sweet aroma- which is slightly musky! So to check if a cantaloupe is ripe, you better its the pleasant smell!

Beige In Colour: One of the best and quickest ways to check if a cantaloupe is ripe is to check the color! The otter skin should be tan with a dull yellow color between the melon’s netting- while the inside of the melon has a coral-orange color.

Stem: Very few fruits have stems on them- similarly, if cantaloupe has a stem attached to it, it means that it has been picked too early. Instead, the stem area of cantaloupe should be smooth and concave- checking the stem of Cantaloupe is one of the easiest ways to tell if it’s ripe!

Tap the melon: You might think that tapping a melon is childish, but trust us, it helps find a good and ripe cantaloupe! So whenever you buy a cantaloupe, just tap it with your hands or fingers-listen to the sound; if it is a low and solid sound-then, it is ripe. But if you sound hollow or high-pitched, that means the fruit has been picked up too early and is unripe!

Ripe Vs Unripe Cantaloupe!

There is a whole world of difference between ripe and unripe cantaloupe! We often hear people complaining about how hard and tasteless this musk melon is- but they don’t know that they are eating an unripe cantaloupe. Unripe cantaloupe lacks moisture, is unpleasant to eat, and the flavor is bland.

In contrast, the ripe cantaloupe is incredibly juicy and sweet- a perfect low-calorie treat for you. You just have to find the right one!

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What Does a Ripe Cantaloupe Look Like?

The ripe cantaloupe has a beige, tan and dull yellow color or golden rind. But, at the same time, the unripe cantaloupe is green in color and looks dry. So, if the cantaloupe is beige and yellow- it’s perfectly ripe!

What Does Ripe Cantaloupe Taste Like?

The ripe cantaloupe is incredibly juicy, sweet, and tender in taste. In addition, this melon has a unique, distinctive, and slightly floral flavor. If cantaloupe tastes bitter or doesn’t have any flavor, it is picked too early and is unripe!

How Long Does It Take To Ripen a Cantaloupe in a Paper Bag?

If you have picked an unripe cantaloupe and are worried about how to rip it at home? Worry not and grab a paper bag! You can ripen a cantaloupe using a paper bag. Just keep the cantaloupe in a paper bag and cover it properly- check after two days if there’s any softness or changes. If there are no changes, let the fruit rest in the paper bag for a few more days- but do check it every other day until you reach your desired results! Don’t forget to give us your feedback in the comments section below!